Thursday, July 1, 2010

Random Play

Today is really a GREAT day!!!

First.. I got a chance to meet Marla from I Love Versicle.. She was in Jakarta for a few days.. So I decided to meet her.. She's so lovely and nice.. We talked like everything from little things to big things.. lol

After that.. I went to Pancious Grand Indonesia to meet Sabrina (check out her blog too!!), Ical and Sabrina's Uncle to have some dinner.. Sabrina's uncle is so cool.. He seems better to be a friend than an uncle.. I wish I had an uncle like that.. lol

wearing : vintage flower outer,thrifted ; gray tanks,unbranded ; black pants,zara ; bronze ankle boots,custom made ; purple drawstring bag,reverse ; random gold bangles,centro ; ethnic bangles,thrifted ; black bow ring,institute ; swirl ring,thrifted ; silver ring,forever21 ; watch,swatch

My Blueberry Cheese Pancake

Sabrina's Oreo Cheese Pancake

Sabrina's Uncle Caramel Fudge Pancake

Ical's Pancake (Forgot the name.. lol)

I've been searching for books lately to kill my time.. I decided to buy this novel.. Random choice but a little bit disappointed when I saw "Eat Pray Love" novel after I pay for this "Princess Diaries" novel because I think I should bought the "Eat Pray Love" novel.. But it's not a problem at all.. I also love this book.. :))


Khadija said...

Those pancakes, yummie :D

selly octavia said...

Thank you.. :)

Marla Singer said...

nice meeting you, sweetie! <3

ps. aku kucel banget yak. ahahahaha