Sunday, February 28, 2010

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Kina Grannis

24 hours is not enough,Grey!

Hey guys!!
I just got back from a very hectic day.. :))

wearing : gray beanie hat,bought in Plaza Semanggi's Stall ($3) ; gray buttonned dress,bloop ($16.5) ; pink beetle ring ($0.99) and emerald puma cuff bracelet ($10.99) ; gray tights,bought in online shop ($5.5) ; red sling bag,kimi2shop ($ 13) ; mega mendung patterned batik shoes,just kulkith ($19)
Total outfit cost : $ 69,98

# 1
accompanying my dad to take my brother and sister to their courses

my brother and I was hungry at the time so we ate 'Bakso Moncrot' which is a tomato with meat balls filled inside them at Tebet

# 2
chill out at Dunkin Donuts Tebet with my adi

then we went to some stores in Tebet but I only interested with this necklace from Nefertiti

after that on our way home.. I feel my stomach growling.. So we went to Hoka Hoka Bento..
chicken teriyaki with egg chicken roll + salad

# 3
Watching "Pemburu Kunang-Kunang" with my besties (totally forgot to take their photos.. sorry)
Great Performances

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Animal Mood Boost

The packages from ebay have arrived!!!!
Well, I got 2 packages the first 1 one is from USA which are pink swarovski beetle bug ring and emerald puma bracelet.. The other one is from Hong Kong that is a waterproof camera..
So excited.. They suddenly boosted my mood.. I feel very happy.. Wohoo!!!

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Friday, February 26, 2010

Bang! Bang! Geisha!

Spending my Friday with my family..
As usual.. The day after I got my salary I spent few of the money treating my family..
This time.. We went to our favorite seafood restaurant.. I didn't take any picture there.. Hehe.. Sorry for that.. :))

And btw.. I've been changing my layout for these few days... I just wanna feel a little more relax with my blog.. Don't you think?? I wanna change the logo too but I don't have the idea yet.. Do you have any??

One more thing.. I cut my bang today! Yippiieeee.. I was so bored with my last bang.. With this bang I feel younger.. LOL

wearing : cloudy batik kimono,bought in Yogyakarta ($7) ; pink glittery belt,Colorbox (free from a goodie bag) ; black squarish envelope bag,Royal Queen Store ($13) ; charm bracelet,Forever21 ($8,9) ; faux leather leggings,Ebay ($9) ; broken white mary jane wedges,Charles&Keith ($34,9)
Total cost for the outfit : $ 70,5

Put that ring on my bug

I joined Michelle from Glister Blister giveaway.. The Giveaway is from Naughty Bug which have a lot of gorgeous and marvelous products.. I, myself, love that bluebell ring from Naughty Bug.. It's so gorgeous.. I think if you putted that ring on your finger you might wanted to keep looking on your finger.. You don't take your eyes out of them.. It will be a great piece on every outfit too.. It's PERFECT!!!

Well, If you wanted to join the Giveaway all you have to do is :
) Be a follower on her blog (via Google or BlogLovin)
2) Go to Naughty Bug's Facebook Online Shop. Choose one item you like (this item will be the item you will get if you're chosen as the winner)
3) Leave a comment in her post. saying:
- "Im a follower through (Google/BlogLovin)"
- the item you love
- your email address

For extra entries..
1) Tweet/Facebook/Blog Post this giveaway. You can do it as much as you want. Each tweet/facebook/blog post counts as one entry.
2) Leave a new comment everytime you tweet/facebook/blog post this giveaway WITH THE LINK. (No links, entry doesn't count)

Sorry, only open to Indonesian Residents (good news: Indos who currently reside overseas but have a home in Indo are WELCOME TO JOIN). Contest closes by Monday 1st March midnight (WIB).

Winner will be announced on Tuesday 2nd March.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Lucky Number 14

I saw a giveaway post on Michelle's blog today..
And I said to myself.. "Why don't you give it a try?"

So here it goes...
I love this look because I love the comfortable clothing.. And this look was effortlessly stylish.. Fashion doesn't always about edgyness and style.. But a also comfort.. You can't be look good if you don't feel comfortable with the clothes you're wearing! As long as you happy with the way you look and you're comfortable with it.. You'll always look good..
Why I should win?? Well, I fortunately love clothes and fashion.. And if I win this giveaway I'll wear them everyday (14 looks right??) these clothes will never be a waste for me.. Every clothes has their own soul.. You couldn't hurt a pure soul, right?? Thank you :))

Sunday, February 21, 2010

You've been Knotted Down!

I went out to Grand Indonesia today.. :))
I see a very long line up on Roti Boy stall there and they are on sale, 50%.. It's weird though because I don't see a bread stall on sale very often.. So then I decided to buy them.. :))
I don't feel like I wanna dress up today so then I wore a very simple and comfortable today.. :))

wearing : white tee,my sister's ; full fringe shawl(knotted),cottonink ; black skinny jeans,unbranded ; flowery clutch,lou lou (via bloop) ; open sides ankle platform boots,mitchybelle

A closer look of my flowery clutch.. I love her.. She's so cute!

The Roti Boy I'm talking about.. :))
I love them because inside the bread they have a melted butter.. It's so yummy!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Flashing Lights

Today I attended the "Seminar Magister Akuntansi" (Accounting Degree Seminar) today and the speaker is Indonesia's former Vice President, Mr. Dr. H. Jusuf Kalla. I was bored with the seminar (LOL) but I love the Q&A session. Mr. Jusuf Kalla seem so interest with the questions and answer them with a few jokes and a very good answer. After the seminar, which is being held in my campus, I waited for my class to start at the I building. And then I went out with my adi right after my class is over. We went to KFC and decided to stay there while watching some DVD's.

wearing : blue and white tartan shirt,Esprit ; baby pink tanks,topshop ; skinny bejeweled orange belt,Charles & Keith ; faux leather leggings,ebay ; flowery clutch,Lou Lou bag (via bloop) ; charm bracelets,forever21 ; black ankle boots,bought in a shoes store near Perbanas campus (only $9)

excuse the excess fat and flesh


Have you ever feel that you're wasted??
Have you ever feel like you've given everything you have but you're effort was just unlikely??
I feel like such a shitty today..
I feel like the person that I love didn't care that much as I do..
I don't wanna be alone in this world..
but I can't stand being this way..
You guys are my strength..
My family..
My friends..
My folowers..
You make me a person.. A stronger person..

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Indonesian Idol

I took part of the Indonesian Idol Audition yesterday.. Hahahaha.. LOL
But unfortunately I didn't pass the audition..
It's okay though.. I know I'm not that good.. :))

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Percy please have mercy

Watched Percy Jackson and The Olympians : The Lightning Thief yesterday
The movie effects are great.. And I like the idea of this movie..

Sunday, February 14, 2010


Hi guys! Happy Valentine's Day...
People celebrate valentine's day with the person/people they love..
This year's valentine's day is different.. I celebrate it with my girls.. :))

wearing : big sunglases,unbranded ; open back stripes top,DIY ; long brown vest,my mom's ; bejewelled mini belt,Chales & Keith ; black skinny jeans,unbranded ; yellow-purple watch,Barbie ; charm bracelet,Forever21 ; flowery pink clutch,bloop ; mary-jane pump wedges,Charles & Keith

@ hoka-hoka bento in La Codefin Kemang

bathroom scene
we're just love the lights in the bathroom.. LOL

@ D'Cost Kemang