Monday, August 17, 2015

Red and White Indonesia

Celebrating Indonesia's Independence Day the 70th with so many fun things to do! Indonesia Jaya!

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Saturday, August 1, 2015

European Adventure Round I : Paris

Adventure has been a part of my life that I always love. I love going to places I've never been before, it's like finding a new adventure. This time I went to different city in Europe. First stop: Paris.

There's something about Paris that bewitched me. The vibe, the structures, the arts, the bridges, I just fell in love with the city. If you follow up my instagram, you will know that I met up with Annissa, my fellow bloggies there. The first plan was, I went to London to visit her but unfortunately I need to apply for extra visa and the time was not enough. Then we plan to meet up in Paris and it was a lovely short meet up for only 2 days. Too bad Annissa is sick, we couldn't wandering around that much together. Maybe next time we will meet up in London. *finger-crossed*


Me, Annissa and her family went on a cruise tour from Bateaux Mouches along the Seine River. It was so interesting. There, we were explained about the city's tourists attractions, the arts, the bridges, the little story behind them etc.

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wearing: Hat, Forever 21 | King Lion shirt, Wellborn Company | Patched denim, American Eagle Outfitters | Winged bag, Lucid Moxie | Shoes, Nike Lunar Eclipse 4 | Watch, Christian Alexandre

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Pont Alexandre III

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The famous landmark of France, Eiffel Tower. I think it would be weird if you went to Paris and didn't go to Eiffel Tower. Above you've seen the Eiffel Tower at night, so pretty.

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The view from Eiffel Tower.

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wearing : Hat, Forever 21 | White top, H&M | Spike & Pearl necklace, Mango | Faux leather shorts, H&M | Pearl ring, gifted | Shoes, Nike Lunar Eclipse 4

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Too bad I couldn't get into the museum, it was too late. They're closed already. Well that means, I should really go back to Paris to see the museum. I would really love to see the famous Mona Lisa painting in there.

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The memorial to commemorate Napoleon's military victories. A pretty structures! Next time I will also visit the famous Arc du Triomphe (Arc du Triomphe de l'Étoile) for sure!

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