Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Thrifting is Fun!

 H-o-w R y-o-U ??

Last Sunday I went thrifting with my friends at Pasar Senen.. I only spent like less than Rp 100.000,- ($10) for the whole thing.. This is what I like about thrifting.. Cool stuff with such a cheap price!!
Wanna know the stuffs that I got??

From Accessories Department:

Cubical Diamond Ring for Rp 5.000,- ($ 0,5); swirly ring Rp 10.000,- ($1); ethnic bangles Rp  10.000,- ($1)

From Apparel Department :
Authentic Levi's shorts Rp 30.000,- ($3) ; Vintage Floral Top, Uniqlo Black Cardigan, Abstract Top Rp 5.000 ($0,5) each

My late night meal.. lol

Sunday, June 27, 2010

It's a Blast!

Hi guys!
Sorry for the lack of update I've been busy lately because of my studies. It's the exam weeks that frustrating me! It is hard when you have to go to work in the morning for 8,5 hours then went straight to campus and do the exam.

Enough of the whinning! Well, yesterday after the exam (yes I have an exam on Saturday) I went to Pplaza Indonesia to meet the Indonesian bloggers. The theme is "Proud to be Indonesian". They were all so kind and nice. Maybe this kind of event should be held more often, agree?

After that I went to KFC Bulungan to meet a few friends. It's been months sine we hang out together. I miss them so much.

wearing : NN:02 Classic Robe,nikicio ; batik shawl worn as dress,my mom's ; black patent belt,orange ; faux leather leggings,ebay ; bronze peep toe ankle boots,custom made ; silver ring,forever21 ; frog ring,svs ; emerald puma bracelet,ebay

back row : luthfi - reevo - sartob - regina - veve - caroline - patricia - aisa 
middle row : me - deryn - audrey - nitya - wuri
front row : titaz - shinta

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Something Missing

Hey there!!
It's weird to make a blog post in "work" day.. lol
Well, I went home rather early today and decided to make a post which doesn't have an outfit photos in it.. haha..
It's been for about two years since the first time I place my first post here.. Yeah.. Quite long..
But I feel there's still something missing in my blog.. I don't know for sure.. Maybe you can tell me??

I totally got inspired with Diana Rikasari from Hot Chocolate and Mint in making this blog.. She is amazing inside out.. :))
And by the time goes by.. I feel like there's so much to learn from this blog... I learn a lot, seriously..
I learn not only FASHION but also LIFE.. I learn that people have different things, time to spend, passions and needs..
And I can get a chance to do something that I haven't tried before.. That is so cool..
Well, the other reason in making this blog.. I'd like the world to know that EVERYBODY WILL LOOK GOOD AS LONG AS THEY'RE CONFIDENT WITH THEMSELVES.. No matter what size you were, how tall you were and how much money that you have spent on one single outfit..

Thank you people who have followed and read my posts.. You really are precious to me.. Love you guys!!! :))

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Goody Goody

Hey there!! I'm so happy today!!! :))
Uh.. I went to an Event which being held by Spice Magazine with colaboration with Erha Cosmetics called "Smooth Way To Success in Career" at Soho Senayan City.. The show was really interesting yet informative.. I learned a lot there.. I learned about how to maintain our healthy skin and how to be success in career.. :))
Yay!! Thank you Heidy from Fashion Maverick for letting me know about the event and helping me with the reservation.. :)

wearing : dusty salmon blazer,my mom's ; white tanks,unbranded ; geek sunglases,unbranded ; skinny orange belt,charles & keith ; sea shell ring,gifted ; silver ring,forever 21 ; pink beetle bug ring,ebay ; bow ring,institute ; bleach jeans,DIY ; brown drawstring bag,reverse ; white pump wedges,charles&keith

I went there with carissa.. My partner in crime.. :D

What I eat.. Well, actually the event provide us with lunch.. But all of the sudden they vanished and I got nothing too eat.. So then after the event I went to the Food Court Area because I'm soooo hungry.. lol

Koi Teppanyaki Sliced beef Teppan

Tamani Melted Chocolate Cake (I want more of this please!!!)

And lastly the Goody Bag.. Woohoo!!!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Hi there!! I'm joining the Giveaway which being held by Marla Singer from I Love Versicle.. Click here to see her blog!!
The gift will be this beautiful Black Lace Open Vest from ShopDixi.. Isn't she cute??

My favorite item will be this Funny Bones Tights.. So unique and perfect for the whole outfit!! Woohoo!!
Click here to participate the giveaway

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The City and The People

Sorry for the lack of update.. It's been a very busy week.. @-@
Anyway, yesterday I went to Puncak to accompany a few friends to Trisakti University BEM Inauguration 2010
Here are some photos that I'd like to share with you
I watch Sex and The City 2 today!! Yay!! I'm so happy.. I finally got the chance to see the movie.. Psst.. I watch it with my boss.. lol