Saturday, July 3, 2010

Cotton Ink Pre-Fall 2010

"We call it casual with a twist"

They will be available first in the next Brightspot Market.. 

I love Cotton Ink so much.. :)
Well... Who doesn't?
So come on guys.. Download their lookbook here.. And fill in the Shopping List.. 


Amanda "Creamy" Apriani said...

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Andie said...

those white flats look too cute :)

kristiyana shinta said...

long time not see you here,,,
hehhe anyway aq link and follow kamu,, re-link ya

see u on thursday, LOL

nitya said...

Hi Selly,
see ya at brightspot :D

I love your style on previous post

selly octavia said...

thank you for visiting.. :))

@amanda : i'll link you.. :))

@andie : they are!! :)

@shinta : aku juga udah link kamu.. :))

@nitya : see you there!! *big hug* thank you