Sunday, December 21, 2014


So me and Lulut found this amazing spot in Central Park Mall, it's like hidden in the park. It was so cool, it's like an added effect to the photos. I think it was supposed to be a Christmas ornament or something. 

I used to be a sporty kind of girl, well now I still am, sometimes. When I was a kid, I play basketball a lot, at school, at home, until high school. When I was in college, I didn't play as much, since I had to go to work and study. And now, I barely play. I miss playing basketball though. 

wearing: Oversized Football Tees, New Look | Denim Shirt (wrapped around the waist), Levi's | Nude Jeggings, Uniqlo | Shoes, Nike Air Max

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Shot by Lulut

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Dress Up, Speak Up and Hope

I went to 'Dress Up & Speak Up for your Success Career' yesterday, which held by CEWEQUAT. One of the speaker is my bestie bloggies Lulut. She's giving up tips for us to dress to impress also there's Marisha Safriana who talks on how to speak up your mind and also speak for job interviews. It was a really fun and helpful event. Definitely should come to their next event!

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 photo IMG_9815_zpsde220792.jpg

wearing: White Jacket, Zara | Teardrops pattern Peplum top, H&M | Stripes Tank (as an inner), Gaudi | Patchwork Jeans, American Eagle Outfitters | Blue and White necklace, Heloveedee | Gold ring | Red shoes, Zara

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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Over the Ravioli

I love hanging out and share stories with friends. In the contrary, I actually am a shy person. But once you know me, I could be fun. So if you see me anywhere, just say 'Hello!' :)

So I hang out with Lulut the other day, sharing stories, well actually who shares a lot. Hahaha.

I'm trying to do something out of my comfort zone since I never use a jumpsuit before. I love the fabric of this jumpsuit a lot and I put a polka dots outerwear to make them stand out. And those shoes are amazing!!

wearing : Polkadots outerwear, my mom's | Pink Jumpsuit, Dorothy Perkins | Gold Necklace, H&M | Watch, Alexandre Christie | Dragon Lady Shoes, Melissa x Vivienne Westwood

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Thursday, December 4, 2014

A Leo

The only thing that I could tell is you is my life was completely out of my control right now. I don't know what I'm exactly feeling now, my life, my work, my friends, I was just so overwhelmed. I somehow think that I don't know me anymore. And it's something that I'm scared of.

wearing: White jacket, Zara | Black & white leopard cropped sweater, Romwe | White shirt, The Executive | Faux leather skirt, Asos | Skull necklace, Bam! by Diamondhurts | Nubuck sling bag, Nikicio | Assorted rings | Sneaker wedges, Jeffrey Campbell

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 photo IMG_8074_zpsb7e5ac1b.jpg

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