Monday, March 30, 2009


wearing : ovewersized hoodie,Bloop ; tank,unbranded ; leather look leggings,eBay ; bag,indulgence ; black ankle boots,unbranded

I just suddenly wanted to go karaoke when me and adi went for a walk in Grand Indonesia.... It was sooo much fun...

New Shoes

Finally.. I have an ankle boots... call me old... but.... I found this baby with only Rp. 90.000,- (around $9) I'm happy.. I can hear birds singing in my ear... Heavenly..... :)

Hot Flamy Feather Headpiece

Doing nothing at my house so I'm making this... hahaha..

Earth Hour

It's an Earth Hour on Sunday 20.30-21.30....

Doing some ARISAN

Well.... On Saturday I have an ARISAN with my friends... It's sad because there were only 5 people who attend the ARISAN...

Several Post, Several Days

Well.. I'm gonna post some of my activity around these days in several post... hehehe...

Friday, March 27, 2009

Good Times

I will have a driver liscenes to ride a motorcycle test tomorrow.. hope I'll do good and passed... just making my finger crossed... see ya..

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

whisper on Monday

Movie bash after work with Adi, haha, trying to have some fun after doing so much work.... I do changed my clothes.. Because I have to wear an office uniform every Monday... I hate uniform...

well... The outfit that I wore after I changed my uniform...

I got so stressed out watching this movie... And I just don't know why... Maybe it's because the movie was just so intense.. you know what I mean... I love horror and thriller movie though... :)

and then.... Me and Adi took some pictures in front of that big OO7 wallpaper.... hahahaha.. just so crazy...

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Debut!

Last Sunday was the Debut of my new necklace... sorry for not posting for a while... It's been a busy week... Because of work and my dad's Inauguration Day preparation...

wearing : shirt,my father's ; tank,Carefour (only $1!!!), spike necklace,DIY, wet leather look leggings,eBay ; bag,kimi2shop ; white mary-jane shoes,Charles & Keith

I went to see Endorse's Big Sale.. but then I just so stressed out because there were lots and lots of people that come to the Sale and i bought NONE!!! Well, I still have a few days to see the sale for more... Click here to see their website

But then I went to Bloop... And bought these...

an oversized hoodie

and a buttoned chocolate dress


To my dad... Because he finally has his Master Degree.... Proud of you dad... :)

I can't post the clothes that I'm wearing for my Dad's Inauguration Day because I don't my camera with me... I left it at my house.... :(

Spike Necklace

All you need is some ribbon, old bangles, some fabric (i don't really know the name of the cloth), some cotton, a glue gun and some thread

make some cones with the fabric

fill up the cone with cotton

then stick the cone onto your bangles

then joined the bangles into one using some ribbons on thread

and then just tied some ribbons to the bangles


p.s : sorry for being a bad explainer.... :)

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Friday, March 13, 2009

Evil Ring

I found this on my little brother's box of toys... So then I decided to make it into a ring.... hhahahaha....

my old ring

then using a glue gun I just stick it into the ring


Thursday, March 12, 2009

Statement Bag

I wanted this bag... But I was confused with which one should I buy... Any suggestion?? If you wanted to buy one too just click here

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Finally Arive!

Do you remember about my last post of the $ 0,01 Vest?? It has finally arrives... but in some areas it was badly sewed.... I was dissapointed with it... But the fur (fake i think) is so soft... I will updated how it looks on me soon..

If you're just wondering whether I really bought this vest with only $ 0,01, here is the prove... hehehe.. ;)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I found this pink lace Kebaya (Indonesian Tradisional Clothes) on my mom's closet.... I love love love it.. but unfortunately it was 1 size to small..

what a pity... :(

From head to toe : pink kebaya,my mom's ; black and white printed mini dress(wore as an inner),Orange ; black pants,Zara ; gloves,somewhere in Tebet ; white mary-jane,Charles & Keith

that shoes!

it's not looking at this shoes.. but i don't think i would wear one of those shoes... that shoes will hurt my feet... i don't have that courage to wear those... do you have any??

Monday, March 9, 2009


It's my 4th time of learning how to drive with my father... And then my father said that i was getting better... Yaaayyyy... I was so happy... but I still have lots of practice and learning before i my father allow me to drive.. wahahahaha..

From head to toe: Feather Headpiece,D-I-Y ; stripy blazer,my mom's ; grey mini dress (worn as tank top),somewhere in Blok A Tanah Abang ; Black Pants,Zara ; marijane wedges, Charles and Keith

Saturday, March 7, 2009

She Likes To Act

As I promised you before.. I'll tell you how the black wet leather shiny looks leggings looks on me..
and i love the material of this leggings.. it was so comfortable...

from head to toe : headband,a gift from my mother's friend ; necklace,a gift from my adi ; purple mini dress,Orange ; belt,etsy ; brown mini school girl skirt,custom made ; shoes,Charles & Keith

from head to toe : headband,a gift from my mother's friend ; asymetric boho style top,somewhere in JaCC, mary-jane Shoes,Charles & Keith

being together

me and my boyfriend just celebrated our 1st anniversary in a relationship... i know it was just kind of silly.. but.. i enjoy it so much... bodohnyaaa...

what i wore today...

from head to toe : oversized grey cardy,somewhere in Melawai Plaza ; mini dress,Orange ; necklace,birthday gift from my adi ; barbie wrist watch,my sister's ; black wet leather look leggings,eBay ; creme stich bag,Indulgence ; red t-bared jeans shoes,Wondershoe

my adi looked so tremendously silly and bad-faced.. hahaha... he's also looked tired..

my gift : the grandma and grandpa mobile phone accessories

for dinner today : clams, some prawns, kangkung (veggies), and ice tea

excuse me for the tissue that is all over the table

Thursday, March 5, 2009

black shiny wet leather look leggings

it has finally arrived... FINALLY... quite quick actually.. once again faster that i thought... i expect it will take about 3 weeks... but fortunately it takes less than 2 weeks to shipthis leggings.. i'd love to take picture of this new legging.. but i just so tired right now... it's 12:05 A.M in Indonesia when i write this blog..

n.b : i have a great day today.. not only the leggings has arrive but also i had a meeting(bussiness) from my office with a chinesse person who lived in Sweden (he is so nice and handsome.. and have a great personality)... it my first time having a meeting with other people from abroad... so this experience is so interesting.... because i can practise my English.... and meet different type of people other than Indonesian..... hahahahahaha.... and i'm so happy but also tired...