Saturday, July 10, 2010

An Abstract Three

The third day of Brightspot Market.. And I was there (yes,again,lol)
I was there to get my prize from Whiteboard Journal.. I won the giveaway.. Yay!!
I went there with my junior high school friend Fida and her friend and sibling.. :))

wearing : oversized cardigan,unbranded ; abstract blue signature dress worn as top,nikicio ; levi's vintage shorts,thrifted ; two-toned bag,mitchybelle ; gold bangle,unbranded ; sea-shell ring,gifted ; t-bared shoes,wondershoe

Day 3 of Brightspot.. And the crowd still going crazy.. Woohoo!!

Spotted!! Ghost X Kandura Necklace
Total awesome-ness!! 

As I mentioned earlier.. I won the w_giveaway from Whiteboard Journal.. I got a very-great-canvas-material bag and a notebook.. Thank you so much.. :)


 For dinner.. I had this Grilled Baby Potato with Sliced Smoke Beef and Tar-tar Sauce.. Delish!!!


Alexandra Gabriella Audrey said...

ayoooo meet lagi! <3<3<3
btw follow2an yok sel wihihi


hii! thanks for your sweet comment!
nice blog anyway!

followed :)

selly octavia said...

@gaby : ayoooo.. :))

@gilbert/ganda : thank you so much.. :))

Vina said...

the signature dress is so cool!

aisaicha said...

waa selly congrats dpt prize-nya :)

Phuong said...

You look lovely and I the blazer from the other post is a great item!

Wulan said...

tasnya lucuuuu, love it! ;)

evita nuh said...

thank you kak for stopping by at my blog :D ugh yes it's too bad we didn't meet that day, and no I don't go for the other day, my dady won't let me, I got home more than 11 pm that day, hehehe :)

sartob, si tobing, tobbily said...

lo brp kali ke bsm sel? ayooo ketemu lg! hehehe

selly octavia said...

@vina : that's so true!! :)

@icha : hehe.. makasih cha.. :)

@phuong,wulan : thank you.. :))

@evita nuh : wow! that's kinda late.. haha.. kapan2 kita ketemu yaa :))

@sartob : 4 kali.. hahaha.. gila yaa.. tapi itu karna disuruh nemenin tmn yg mau ke situ.. haha.. ayooo... kapan kita ketemu lagi??

dreamy princess said...

wowww.. congratzz girl:)