Thursday, October 31, 2013

Biggest Fashion Show in Indonesia

Last Sunday I went to an event which being held by Galeries Lafayette in Pacific Place, it was the Biggest Fashion Show in Indonesia. It's about 180 people who took part in this Fashion Show. The runway was pretty long too, I wonder how would it feels walking those long runway with a pretty high platform shoes. I bet it would be exhausting. The participants were unprofessional model who took part in the Competition : "Fashion is YOU". It was pretty interesting to see how people styled their look from 3 categories that is MIXOLOGY, SMOKEY ROCK and COCKTAIL TIME. Some of the fellow bloggers were joining the competition too. 

 photo IMG_6108_zpsdb40369d.jpg

 photo IMG_6103_zps2de7989a.jpg

 photo IMG_6101_zpsc3008318.jpg

a rose added some elegance touch to the goody bag from Lancome

 photo IMG_6117_zpscd4c532e.jpg

Lulut Marganingtyas from When Black Meets Beige

 photo IMG_6123_zps1d803198.jpg

Sara Josephine from A Day to Remeber

 photo IMG_6126_zps6495b26d.jpg

 photo IMG_6131_zps4c7131c1.jpg

Bethanny Putri from Afternoon Tea and Living Room

 photo IMG_6135_zps05c4332b.jpg

 photo IMG_6142_zpse6bc0d10.jpg

 photo IMG_6156_zps5f20e937.jpg

This little girl was the youngest participant.. She's cute!! Head to toe black and white attire 

 photo IMG_6162_zps07f92478.jpg

Elisabeth Paramita from Voguish Doodles

 photo IMG_6176_zpsef81b871.jpg

Sabrina Maida from Hii Chabe

 photo IMG_6188_zpseb7e499e.jpg

Fahad Scale from Mr. Rebel in Town

 photo IMG_6197_zps135dda26.jpg

Bertha Natasha from The Dream Redemption

 photo IMG_6205_zps0f707f53.jpg


 photo IMG_6208_zps8561e63d.jpg

June Paski from June Paski

 photo IMG_6232_zps4fc2746a.jpg

 photo IMG_6244_zps0484ef3e.jpg

 photo IMG_6255_zps1f8091c9.jpg

And the winner iiiisssss...... *drumroll*
 Well you have to find them out here.. xp

 photo IMG_6261_zpsc32edafa.jpg

 photo IMG_6263_zpsdbf3f805.jpg

 photo IMG_6095_zps4e494103.jpg

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Black + Faux Leather + Army Green

I love leather.. There's no doubt about it!
I've been searching for a mix textile top/sweater.. So thankfully I found this army green sweater with faux leather sleeve from Mannequin Plastic.. And this gifted pearl ring from my mom from Lombok, it's very unusual shape that made my mom bought it for me.. Interesting!

wearing: faux leather sleeve army green sweater, Mannequin Plastic; patent black belt, unbranded; black skirt, tailor made; saber tooth necklace, unbranded; pearl ring, gifted; shoes, Charles &Keith; bag, my mom's; watch, Swatch

 photo IMG_4106_zps1821db51.jpg

 photo IMG_4087_zps172ab70d.jpg

 photo IMG_4062copy_zps6927e5b4.jpg

 photo IMG_4083_zps1ba38616.jpg

Monday, October 21, 2013

Friday, October 4, 2013

H&M Indonesia First Store Private Opening

Yesterday was a total mixed feeling day.. Hectic, traffic, sore, tired, fun and happy all mix together.. 

I'm coming to Gandaria City to attend the H & M opening of their first store in Indonesia, the H & M VIP Night. It was a total madness and crowded.. People were all excited to be there yesterday. I think there were more than 1000 people coming since there were so many people there.. There's queue everywhere, there's queue if you want to enter the store and another one is when you wanted to pay the goods that you snagged.. Good thing there's refreshment (champagne, mojito, and some amuse-bouche) running around the store, so you could have a little snack while you're queuing..

Well, from the queue, you can see that people were buying so many things, that's because H&M have so many things to suit you, from sporty to edgy..  I see people were all carrying their carton bag, at least they buy one or two things from the store.. I personally managed to snagged a few things, well I was tempted because of the 20% discounts too yesterday.. Hehe.. I will be coming back to their store soon!!

 photo IMG_5282_zps7eb125c4.jpg

 photo IMG_5283_zpsa795ae4c.jpg

 photo IMG_5285_zps780a8f39.jpg

 photo IMG_5286_zpse2aaf734.jpg

 photo IMG_5288_zpscd93c9d1.jpg

 photo IMG_5289_zps02a635e9.jpg

 photo IMG_5290_zps624662c6.jpg

 photo IMG_5291_zps4682d625.jpg

 photo IMG_5292_zps238e5924.jpg

 photo IMG_5293_zps83ac9632.jpg

 photo IMG_5294_zps12cb4394.jpg

 photo IMG_5295_zpsa3d8e716.jpg

 photo IMG_5299_zps6e8bbd79.jpg

 photo IMG_5300_zps49137eda.jpg

 photo IMG_5301_zps209d55c1.jpg

 photo IMG_5302_zpsa9cec393.jpg

 photo IMG_5303_zps6c348300.jpg

 photo IMG_5304_zpsbc3f6e1d.jpg

 photo IMG_5305_zpsf45edd83.jpg

 photo IMG_5316_zps3b1c78f6.jpg

 photo IMG_5307_zps25315010.jpg

 photo IMG_5308_zps2b3112c1.jpg

 photo IMG_5309_zps9c605297.jpg

 photo IMG_5311_zps794863ba.jpg

wearing: magic basketball shirt, gifted; black skirt, tailor made; shark teeth necklace, unbranded; chained bracelet, (X)SML; gold armor ring, unbranded; furry bag, asos; shoes, charles & keith

 photo IMG_5322_zps02e91615.jpg

 photo IMG_5335_zps988e55d3.jpg

 photo IMG_5329_zps9b53e1d8.jpg

 photo IMG_5324_zps77d15edc.jpg

 photo IMG_5336_zps8a8ec043.jpg

 photo IMG_5331_zpsde89e598.jpg