Thursday, December 10, 2015

I need a Genie

I have chosen a new path in my life. I think I want to stay here a little longer and so many steps I need to accomplished. I do miss everything and everyone back home, but I want to continue my adventure and dreams also. I hope everything goes well in the end.

Headpiece, House of Jealouxy
Sweater, H&M
Slit Skirt, H&M
Peep Toe Boots, Primark
Chained, Topshop
Cuff, Primark
Hand Bracelet, Primark

 photo IMG_0522 copy_zpsudrxhlxk.jpg

 photo IMG_0519 copy_zpsckcyyb3a.jpg

 photo IMG_0529 copy_zpsosq2yvjx.jpg

 photo IMG_0537_zpso4bs0dkp.jpg

 photo IMG_0545_zpswkrsb4r2.jpg

 photo IMG_0525 copy_zpsvbisdoox.jpg

 photo IMG_0480 copy_zps7jlvxulh.jpg

 photo IMG_0486 copy_zpsdptwo2ms.jpg

 photo IMG_0513 copy_zpstdx6ovff.jpg

Wednesday, December 9, 2015


Last Summer, I also travel to Munich. Meeting a friend called Karl. It was pretty nice. He took me to look around Munich. There are so many Beer Garten in Munich. Well, it's because the biggest Oktoberfest was held in Munich. You could read about Oktoberfest in here and you could see my post about the glimpse of Oktoberfest (but not in Munich) in here.

 photo IMG_0577_zpsgiq1txz7.jpg

Bayerische Staatsoper

 photo IMG_0579_zpsvadpmrn3.jpg

Chinesische Turm

 photo IMG_0572_zpsg5ta1qbf.jpg

 photo DSC_0299_zps4lewxrrl.jpg

Englischer Garten

 photo IMG_0568_zpsy80xaskq.jpg

River Surfing, Isar (Eisbach)

 photo IMG_0563_zpswyefn1en.jpg

 photo IMG_0560_zpssetoj7xg.jpg

 photo IMG_0549_zpsgzluen2p.jpg

 photo IMG_0547_zpso1vcpp2b.jpg


 photo IMG_0533_zpsdp6arh86.jpg

 photo IMG_0530_zpsbsbjryh0.jpg

 photo DSC_0291_zpszz922tat.jpg


 photo IMG_0519_zpsajtsyfdu.jpg


 photo IMG_0528_zpsxgyjse52.jpg

 photo IMG_0527_zpsy63psyrs.jpg

 photo IMG_0525_zpsjrg8eyyd.jpg

 photo IMG_0521_zpssxaqngis.jpg

 photo IMG_0518_zps7bgzuzta.jpg

 photo DSC_0303_zpsi54yoxgl.jpg

 photo IMG_0539_zpsxslmr3g2.jpg

 photo DSC_0280_zpsbj1bar80.jpg

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

When it's Fall

It's FALL. It's raining almost everyday. And I don't really like rain that much, it's wet and humid.

Striped pullover, Primark
Slit skirt, HM
Vest, gifted
Leggings, ASOS
Clutch, Lucid Moxie
Shoes, ASH
Necklace, Topshop
Assorted Rings
Watch, Alexandre Christie

 photo IMG_0278_zps1qbhbvdh.jpg

 photo IMG_0271_zpswaq53fsd.jpg

 photo IMG_0313_zpsznrhtlt8.jpg

 photo IMG_0292_zps5jqnckev.jpg

 photo IMG_0301_zpsmwabc0m6.jpg

 photo IMG_0294_zpsdqusvb6y.jpg

 photo IMG_0341_zpsqc1agoco.jpg

 photo IMG_0311_zpsf7pbegfm.jpg

 photo IMG_0305_zpst5qe3oaw.jpg

 photo IMG_0317_zpsbao8vw2n.jpg

Thursday, November 19, 2015


Being so tired of work here lately, so many things to do so many things that I need to take as responsibility. I really need a vacation! Been planning to go to Italy, I hope everything's going as I planned. *keep finger crossed*

Headpiece, Unbranded
Dress, Tailor-Made
Army green pants, Primark
Little drawstring bag, Primark
Cuff, Primark
Spiked bracelet, Forever 21
Assorted Rings

 photo IMG_0109 copy_zpsgolsdp0p.jpg

 photo IMG_0147 copy_zps2jfgvuxr.jpg

 photo IMG_0141 copy_zpsz5tliyax.jpg

 photo IMG_0159 copy_zpsome6npvj.jpg

 photo IMG_0150 copy_zpswwkagro8.jpg

 photo IMG_0161 copy_zpsygovndle.jpg

Saturday, November 7, 2015


Dressing up for Fall. I have never been to a place with so many colored leaves at Fall before. It was so fascinating, so interesting!

Hooded Shirt, American Eagle Outfitters
Mint Cropped Top, H&M
Mint Culottes, Primark
Heels, Zara
Bracelet, Primark
Assorted Rings, Topshop

 photo IMG_0085 copy5_zpstvme8wzu.jpg

 photo IMG_0085 copy1_zpssrxukqdw.jpg

 photo IMG_0085 copy_zps5y092zst.jpg

 photo IMG_0085 copy6_zpsglvgjj7w.jpg

 photo IMG_0085 copy2_zpsklsobcmq.jpg

 photo IMG_0085 copy8_zpsci6gsch8.jpg

 photo IMG_0085_zpsnshzcglg.jpg

 photo IMG_0085 copy9_zpsromuqp7g.jpg

 photo IMG_0087_zpsruyz2djw.jpg

 photo IMG_0085 copy7_zpsg8ksrygc.jpg

 photo IMG_0084_zpsq4d0qtnv.jpg