Friday, November 29, 2013

Timberland, The Iconic Yellow Boots

You all might known Timberland for such a long time. The yellow boots that got everyone's talking which established in 1973. Timberland, a wholly owned subsidiary of VF Corporation, is a global leader in the design, engineering and marketing of premium-quality footwear, apparel and accessories for consumers who value the outdoors and their time in it. Timberland’s dedication to making quality products is matched by the company’s commitment to “doing well and doing good” – forging powerful partnerships among employees, consumers and service partners to transform the communities in which they live and work.

Last October, Timberland announced the opening of Plaza Indonesia store as its Jakarta’s third stand-alone store after Senayan City and Lotte Shopping Avenue. The new stand-alone store will provide an open space to highlight Timberland’s eco-conscious outdoor lifestyle footwear and apparel for men and women, including the Earthkeepers® collection. Located on the fourth floor of Plaza Indonesia, a prestigious mall among premium retailers, the 100-square meter space is designed to reflect the company’s long-standing commitment to sustainability, through the use of recycled materials and other eco-conscious building practices.
At the same time this year, as their 40 years anniversary of the Iconic Yellow Boots, Timberland Plaza Indonesia will be showcasing 8 of the limited and teamed-up projects of 6 inch boots from various collaborations featuring Japanese designer, artist, photographer and many more. Todays, Timberland is for a generations that values authenticity, sustainability, and the return of quality craftsmanship. The platform says it all “Best Then. Better Now”, inspired by the past, but crafted for today.

Because of the fact that I couldn't come to the Opening Party, I went to the store myself to see the greatness of Timberland.

 photo IMG_4410_zps72c37190.jpg

 photo IMG_6455_zpsff022511.jpg

 photo IMG_6427_zps76a85a7d.jpg

 photo IMG_6432_zps40855470.jpg

"THE WALL OF SHOES" makes me drooling over them..

 photo IMG_6444_zps00899203.jpg

 photo IMG_6440_zpsd2c79fa6.jpg

 photo IMG_6436_zpsa788030c.jpg

 photo IMG_6429_zpse090deab.jpg

 photo IMG_6438_zps76c6cbbe.jpg

 photo IMG_6447_zps05b1398a.jpg

 photo IMG_6454_zps2645388d.jpg

To give you the true evidence about the comfiness of the shoes, I tried them on. And I think it was the most comfortable boots I ever worn. The exterior was so smooth and the sole was so light.. It feels like I don't want to take them off! Totally recommended..

 photo IMG_6448_zpsbafbc685.jpg

 photo IMG_4656_zps8e034c42.jpg

Here are the celebrities and Mrs. Jaclyn Halim, Chief Operations Officer of Metroxgroup for Timberland Indonesia who came to the Opening Party.

 photo IMG_4687_zps25d1241d.jpg

To learn more about Timberland, please visit

EST. 1973

Sunday, November 24, 2013

HBB : Happy Birthday Brotha!

Today is my brother's birthday!!!! He's 15 now.. He's older but still he is always be my little brother..
We have dinner in Steak Holycow by Chef Afit in Senopati.. I have already been there since they were still a mini restaurant in 2010.. Now they have a few restaurant! It was just show how fast time could fly by..

 photo IMG-20131124-00140_zps45e7ffda.jpg

 photo IMG-20131124-00141_zps521b8e79.jpg

 photo photo_zps32adbb9f.jpg

wearing : Aquamarine Cropped Top, H&M | Aquamarine Buttoned Detailed Cardigan, PARD | Maroon Sweater, BCBG Max Azria | Necklace, H&M | Ipad Pillow Case, Toimoi | Jeggings, H&M | Peace Shoes, Melissa

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 photo IMG_6418_zpsce331e6b.jpg

 photo IMG_6422_zps2adc3184.jpg

 photo IMG_6420_zps5c407832.jpg

 photo IMG_6415_zpsad3bd158.jpg

 photo IMG_6419_zps647d1319.jpg

Friday, November 15, 2013

Unknown Leather Jacket

This is the outfit that I wore to Brightspot Market.. When I went home, my mom ask me who own this jacket.. And I said that I thought it was my dad's since I found it in a closet where my mom use to put the unused clothes.. But she said that she did not put any leather jacket in there.. Hahaha.. Somehow it's scary.. But well, I love this jacket anyway so I don't mind it..

leather jacket | pink colourfull sweater, thrifted | cyber-tooth necklace, unbranded | velvet dress worn as skirt; Retail Therapy | black tights, Topshop | black bag, Charles & Keith | chocolate shoes, my dad's | watch, Swatch

 photo IMG_6320_zps888b24dc.jpg

 photo IMG_6334_zpsc2688541.jpg

 photo IMG_6328_zps1d7f9d21.jpg

 photo IMG_6330_zps22e1600f.jpg

 photo IMG_6332_zps7fdc7bde.jpg

Monday, November 11, 2013

Brightspot Market 10

Never get tired coming to this market, because there's always something new to offer to the customer.. And there were just so many things to buy, well hopefully you won't get out of there broke.. :)

Here are things that I found out fascinating.. Enjooyyy!

 photo IMG_6297_zpse360f72d.jpg

 photo IMG_6266_zpsbbe2b991.jpg

 photo IMG_6267_zps9e50ab40.jpg

 photo IMG_6268_zps990d9dbc.jpg

 photo IMG_6269_zpsadbfdb98.jpg

 photo IMG_6273_zps9ff5aa4d.jpg

 photo IMG_6275_zps7ba80775.jpg

I think this booth was really cool! I love all the toys.. It seems like you just don't wanna grow up..

 photo IMG_6278_zpsa9f00742.jpg

 photo IMG_6311_zps1a78b4c2.jpg

 photo IMG_6317_zpscff69762.jpg

 photo IMG_6279_zps04f9cd51.jpg

 photo IMG_6281_zpsa7070d46.jpg

 photo IMG_6282_zps8a6a9d43.jpg

 photo IMG_6283_zps9148ecb2.jpg

 photo IMG_6284_zpsed00b9e4.jpg

 photo IMG_6285_zps3ee3e04f.jpg

 photo IMG_6286_zps70cf9138.jpg

 photo IMG_6287_zps4fce8c6a.jpg

 photo IMG_6288_zps7a826c4f.jpg

 photo IMG_6292_zpsb6f812d7.jpg

 photo IMG_6294_zps835bdac1.jpg

 photo IMG_6295_zpsd3f53933.jpg

 photo IMG_6298_zps5d968761.jpg

 photo IMG_6299_zps854671cd.jpg

 photo IMG_6302_zps81a48adb.jpg

 photo IMG_6303_zps80c3f87a.jpg

 photo IMG_6304_zps2cb714c8.jpg

 photo IMG_6306_zpsc4beb9d0.jpg

 photo IMG_6307_zpse2e9713a.jpg

 photo IMG_6308_zpsbf2445ac.jpg

 photo IMG_6309_zps6320dd28.jpg

 photo IMG_6310_zps8c05af1b.jpg

 photo IMG_6319_zpsb17be92d.jpg

Liz, Lulut, me and Ain

 photo IMG_6320_zps888b24dc.jpg