Sunday, September 27, 2009

Full Stomach

I went to my aunt's house and eat lunch there.. So yummyy.. I think I'm getting fatter... T-T

wearing : oversized black cardy,unranded ; mini dress worn as tube,orange ; black short,rumah mode ; grey tights,unbranded ; creamy bag,indulgence ; batik purple shoes,kulkith

I cook for dinner today at my house...
It was grilled chicken fillet, portabella mushroom with melting cheese on top, baked potatoes with brocolli and cream cheese sauce...
Awwww.... It's so yummy...


Yesterday I went to out with my fams.... I eat ribs at Daeng Tata Mamink... Sooooo Yummmyyyy... Sluuurrrppp.... And then we went to a supermarket and bought lots of food.. LOL

wearing : jersey dress,unbranded ; black oversizer cardy,unbranded ; watch,alexandre christie ; creamy bag,custom made ; color block shoes,converse


my bro's and mine

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Another Sushi Day

Today I went to Plaza Indonesia with my friends, Ami and Fika, and my little sister.. Eating sushi and Sour Sally...
Spent the night browsing things at Forever 21..

I don't feel like dressing up today.. So then I wear this...

wearing : v neck tees,topman ; black short,old navy ; grey tights,unbranded ; creamy bag,indulgence ; batik purple shoes,kulkith ; watch,alexandre christie

actually i was wearing a belt from charles and keith.. but i just don't feel like wearing it.. so.. i took it of...

this bow headband is cute.. i feel like minnie mouse... LOL

I bought a ring today.. And my sister bought a leopard prind headband.. Cute..


My Favorites

@ ciciero

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Day till Night

Today I visited my mom's brother... I called him "Pak De Donny".. It's in Javanese... "Pak De" means uncle and Donny is my uncle's name... And after that we went to Pizza Hut in Menara Cakrawala Thamrin and go straight to Sarinah Thamrin... I didn't buy anything there... Although some stuffs were on SALE... :))

wearing : giraffe paterned mini dress,DIT ; black long cardy,unbranded ; hot pink belt,etsy ; grey leggings,unbranded ; watch,alexandre christie ; creamy chocolate bag,indulgence ; mary-jane white wedges shoes,charles & keith

my sister's : assymetric brown cardy,orange ; white tanks,bought in carefour ; black belt,orange ; two tone bag,mitchybell ; black skinny jeans,unbranded ; nude peep toe shoes,yongki komaladi


Monday, September 21, 2009

Nasi Kebuli + Kabbab + Noodle

Visiting my mother's cousins today and I eat lots of food...
#1 Nasi Kebuli.. I don't know how to call that cuisine.. Well it's Arabian food..
#2 Kabob or Shawarma.. Another Arabian food...
#3 Noodle, a Chicken Noodle(Mie Ayam??)

And that 3 Food was made by my mother's cousin, my uncle to be exact... He owned a small food stall in Karang Anyar.. Isn't that nice??
What can I say we have a great cook blood in the family.. It runs in the family... Haha...

wearing : black top,kamiseta ; asymmetric brown cardy,orange ; envelope bag,royal queen store ; black shiny leather look leggings,ebay ; brown shiny peep toe ankle boots,custom made

Great Performance... Marvelous

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Happy Eid

Hi everyone... Happy Eid Mubarak! I apologize if there's something that I've said or done is wrong...
As we all know... When people celebrating Idul Fitri they always visited their families, friends and everyone in their neighborhood.. And I've done it too... Hehehe...

wearing: white Ts,my sister's ; name necklace,royalqueen ; giraffe patterned skirt,DIT ; envelope bag,royalqueen ; brown shiny ankle peep toe boots,custom made

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Do I look Thinner??

I went for "open fasting" with my friends today.. My boy come also.. It's been long since I met them.. Miss them so much...

wearing : grey cardigan,unbranded ; giraffe patterned mini zipper dress,DIT ; watch,alexandre christie ; black shiny leather look leggings,ebay ; red hot bag,kimi2 shop ; black ankle boots,unbranded

@ Olive Resto, Dharmawangsa

@ Pasaraya Grande

Friday, September 18, 2009


Did I tell you that I've got something to make to the Tailor?
And it's done...

zipper front mini dress

i called this candy wrap skirt


Monday, September 14, 2009

My favorite shoes + my favorite jeans

Just got back from dinner (after fasting all day) with my boy... went crazy this night... hahaha...

wearing : grey oversized cardy,unbranded ; dress worn as top,orange ; bleached jeans,DIY ; envelope oversized clutch,royalqueenstore ; purple batik shoes,just kulkith

ps: I WANNA DO SHOPPING BADLY... hahahahaha..