Saturday, December 28, 2013

I see it clear

I felt lack of confidence lately.. I somehow think that my weight was becoming an issue (especially for my mom).. Starting to lose some by fasting these past few weeks and hopefully I could manage them, at least I feel a little bit lighter now.. I don't know whether it's only in my mind or I was really loosing up some weight.. Haha.. Well, we'll see in the next few months, whether it's going to bu a success story or not.. :D 

wearing : dots outerwear, my mom's | flowery dress, tailor-made | bow belt, Charles & Keith | perspex nude heels, Herspot

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 photo IMG_6585_zps469774eb.jpg

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Saturday, December 14, 2013

OOTD INDO Gathering

Coming to the OOTD INDO Gathering last Sunday.. It was a pretty cool with lots of pretty cool attendances and vendors.. Meeting up with  Lulut, Sartob and Bertha, and also making some new friends with Ariyani, Steffie, Fahad and Acil.. It was really fun!! *happy face*

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 photo IMG_6484_zps762f23e9.jpg

Games that were played.. As always, when there's fashion bloggers, there must be a dress up games.. Fahad and Lulut were team up.. *mind the heads please*

 photo IMG_6486_zps6317caca.jpg

Here is the founder of OOTD INDO, they were telling us the concept of OOTD INDO and the idea behind it

 photo IMG_6488_zpsdf948818.jpg

Hello colourfull refreshments!

Here is the outfit that I wore.

wearing : black outerwear, my mom's | diagonal shirt, from a garage sale | leather patch leggings, H&M | red birdy belt, Juice | gold chained necklacE, H&M | bling chained neklace, (X) SML | bag, Coach | peace ring, gifted from Lulut | gold diamond ring | plain gold rings, H&M | rose ring, gifted from Lulut | wooden studded shoes, Retail Therapy

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 photo IMG_6507_zps0b20bc85.jpg

 photo IMG_6535_zps3b62b8b4.jpg

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 photo IMG_6536_zpsde543e93.jpg

 photo IMG_6538_zpsaf57fa14.jpg

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 photo IMG_6519_zps2c31f569.jpg

*outfit photos shot by Lulut

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Monday, December 2, 2013

Yogyakarta Part I

Yogyakarta is always been a part of my soul since the day I was born.. My grandma was originated from Yogyakarta, so going there is always feel like I was visiting my hometown. Since my grandma's passed, I rarely went there, I went there only if there's something important came up.. I always love this town, the food, the culture, the people, and the ambiance, it was just remind me back to my childhood days when my grandma's and grandpa's or should we say "Eyang Uti and Eyang Kakung" was still around.. I miss them..

So anyway.. I went to Yogya with my colleagues from work. We get off the plane with a really bright sunshine, a good day to start a trip.. We get out breakfast in this homey restaurant "Pecel Solo" it was really really nice..

 photo IMG_5411_zps2040385a.jpg

 photo IMG_5383_zps5605b9b4.jpg

"Nasi Rames" for breakfast..

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 photo IMG_5373_zps115c9b67.jpg

 photo IMG_5358_zps747d2743.jpg

me, mbak Arve, mbak Sandra, tante Henny and mbak Lia

After stuffing our tummy we're heading to Kaliurang the foot of the Merapi Mountain.. We're going to see what's left from the last eruption on November 5th, 2010

 photo IMG_5419_zps385fa8fd.jpg

We're travelling using this jeep with a group of four plus the driver so there'll five of us in each jeep..

 photo IMG_5424_zps4e6a3b46.jpg

 photo IMG_5439_zps2181e6fc.jpg

We have to wear this mask, because it was too dusty.. It was the dust off the remaining eruption..

 photo IMG_5485_zps7296e5a6.jpg

The people of the village were very creative on making this museum.. This is a museum of what's left from the villagers after the eruption.. It was just so sad..

 photo IMG_5446_zps199ea15f.jpg

The time and date of the eruption.. The clock was burned a little from the lava and it was just stop at the moment..

 photo IMG_5453_zps8264e589.jpg

Here are the prove of the heat of the lava.. It was really really hot!

 photo IMG_5450_zps72191ed0.jpg

 photo IMG_5448_zps43e460b3.jpg

 photo IMG_5458_zpsd1752bf7.jpg

 photo IMG_5461_zpsb899cdc9.jpg

 photo IMG_5467_zps16c76752.jpg

 photo IMG_5522_zps75e5bcf3.jpg

 photo IMG_5470_zps02028304.jpg

 photo IMG_5475_zps40a45d03.jpg

 photo IMG_5479_zpsf453eae0.jpg

Here is the door of a bunker that was used by the volunteer.. The volunteer were helping people to evacuate, but unfortunately there're no time for them to go down from the mountain.. And another sad thing that happen is that the bunker couldn't hold the eruption material, somehow the material were stronger than the bunker so it ruined the door and blast in.. About three people died in here..

 photo IMG_5488_zps2c04215b.jpg

 photo IMG_5494_zps1013c0cb.jpg

 photo IMG_5533_zps9d98d184.jpg

 photo IMG_5541_zps68729c34.jpg

 photo IMG_5557_zpsd44cbebd.jpg

 photo IMG_5445_zpse01eba6f.jpg

Friday, November 29, 2013

Timberland, The Iconic Yellow Boots

You all might known Timberland for such a long time. The yellow boots that got everyone's talking which established in 1973. Timberland, a wholly owned subsidiary of VF Corporation, is a global leader in the design, engineering and marketing of premium-quality footwear, apparel and accessories for consumers who value the outdoors and their time in it. Timberland’s dedication to making quality products is matched by the company’s commitment to “doing well and doing good” – forging powerful partnerships among employees, consumers and service partners to transform the communities in which they live and work.

Last October, Timberland announced the opening of Plaza Indonesia store as its Jakarta’s third stand-alone store after Senayan City and Lotte Shopping Avenue. The new stand-alone store will provide an open space to highlight Timberland’s eco-conscious outdoor lifestyle footwear and apparel for men and women, including the Earthkeepers® collection. Located on the fourth floor of Plaza Indonesia, a prestigious mall among premium retailers, the 100-square meter space is designed to reflect the company’s long-standing commitment to sustainability, through the use of recycled materials and other eco-conscious building practices.
At the same time this year, as their 40 years anniversary of the Iconic Yellow Boots, Timberland Plaza Indonesia will be showcasing 8 of the limited and teamed-up projects of 6 inch boots from various collaborations featuring Japanese designer, artist, photographer and many more. Todays, Timberland is for a generations that values authenticity, sustainability, and the return of quality craftsmanship. The platform says it all “Best Then. Better Now”, inspired by the past, but crafted for today.

Because of the fact that I couldn't come to the Opening Party, I went to the store myself to see the greatness of Timberland.

 photo IMG_4410_zps72c37190.jpg

 photo IMG_6455_zpsff022511.jpg

 photo IMG_6427_zps76a85a7d.jpg

 photo IMG_6432_zps40855470.jpg

"THE WALL OF SHOES" makes me drooling over them..

 photo IMG_6444_zps00899203.jpg

 photo IMG_6440_zpsd2c79fa6.jpg

 photo IMG_6436_zpsa788030c.jpg

 photo IMG_6429_zpse090deab.jpg

 photo IMG_6438_zps76c6cbbe.jpg

 photo IMG_6447_zps05b1398a.jpg

 photo IMG_6454_zps2645388d.jpg

To give you the true evidence about the comfiness of the shoes, I tried them on. And I think it was the most comfortable boots I ever worn. The exterior was so smooth and the sole was so light.. It feels like I don't want to take them off! Totally recommended..

 photo IMG_6448_zpsbafbc685.jpg

 photo IMG_4656_zps8e034c42.jpg

Here are the celebrities and Mrs. Jaclyn Halim, Chief Operations Officer of Metroxgroup for Timberland Indonesia who came to the Opening Party.

 photo IMG_4687_zps25d1241d.jpg

To learn more about Timberland, please visit

EST. 1973