Friday, June 19, 2015


Missing lots of people in Indonesia. And I miss 'Nasi Padang' so much. Haha

Hat, Forever 21
Shirt, Nikicio
Leggings, ASOS
Army Jacket, H&M
Clutch, Pull & Bear (Gifted from Lulut, Ariyani, Bertha, Sartob
Shoes, Pull & Bear (Gifted from OKE Gank)

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 photo IMG_9534_zpsfwmeozqh.jpg

 photo IMG_9540_zpsrvq58zo7.jpg

 photo IMG_9545_zps7zhxoqsz.jpg

 photo IMG_9538_zpsu7if2ruo.jpg

 photo IMG_9537_zpsgj7xyjxi.jpg

Saturday, June 13, 2015

An Army of Green

I've always love green since I was little. It's something about green that fascinate me. When I was little, I love army green and nowadays I love aquamarine, lime, and of course army green.

Army Green Jacket, H&M
Lion T-Shirt, Wellborn Company
Patched Jeans, American Eagle
Backpack, Jansport
Shoes, Melissa

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 photo DSC_9190_zpsym2v3d78.jpg

 photo DSC_9189_zpsxaey2kcr.jpg

 photo DSC_9187_zpsels8j6ss.jpg

 photo DSC_9188_zpsi8hbdzjh.jpg

 photo DSC_9191_zpsbqfbvtc7.jpg


Something funny happened with this latex top. You know, I've always love leather and leather look fabric. I love this leather look top that I found in H&M. And I finally got a chance to use it. 
Along the day I feel fine. Suddenly when I got home at night, I feel so itchy around my back and under my arm. It's irritating. I asked my mom to put some itchy powder throughout the itchy part and my mom asked what happened with my back. I didn't know what happened.
When I got up, I looked in the mirror and I feel surprised. I found red, itchy part around my back and those red itchy part were formed into a vest. It somehow looks like I'm wearing a vest (tank top). I laughed. I think I have an allergy with latex. Since the inside of the top was polyester and the edge of the top were latex (I hope you see what I mean), the itchy part was only the part when my skin directly touch the latex. It just seems so funny.

Long Outerwear, Apparel After Dark
Leather Look Top, H&M
Skirt, Tailor-Made
Shoes, Nike
Clutch, Lucid Moxie
Necklace, H&M
Watch, Alexander Christie
Assorted Rings

Shot by Lulut

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 photo IMG_9474_zpsikt09wdy.jpg

 photo IMG_9514_zpsatcqumlr.jpg

 photo IMG_9518_zpsckulhcwx.jpg

 photo IMG_9471_zpssgrw0dxl.jpg


I did miss Jakarta, I miss my friends, sushi, the traffic. I miss the little things that Homburg couldn't give.

Headband, H&M
Jumpsuit, Dorothy Perkins
Outerwear, Apparel After Dark
Necklace, ASOS
Belt, ASOS
Shoes, Zara

shot by Sartob

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 photo IMG_6443_zpsicvlannx.jpg

 photo IMG_6512_zps9pxp4a46.jpg

 photo IMG_6556_zpsxe4qsty4.jpg

 photo IMG_6532_zpshz0recuy.jpg

Thursday, June 4, 2015


Finally have this (new to me) Balenciaga bag. Been longing for so long for this bag, I love this bag. It has certain edge to it. I bought it secondhand in Market Plaza on Female Daily. It was a very reasonable price. I love it!

wearing :
White Jacket, Zara 
T-Shirt, Swank 
Skirt, ASOS
Dragon Lady Shoes, Vivienne Westwood for Melissa
Bag, Balenciaga
Watch, Alexandre Christie
Assorted Rings

Shot by Lulut Marganingtyas

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 photo IMG_6187_zpsoyk4gop8.jpg

 photo IMG_6198_zpsb0zb0nfj.jpg

 photo IMG_61591_zpsrc7dgurm.jpg

 photo IMG_6178_zpsvhr2xggm.jpg