Monday, February 23, 2009


we love jewels, don't we??

some pieces that i found on moxsie

it's an earing.. i swear... interesting isn't it?

i'd like the snake ring please??

but it was too expensive... man.. i wish i had a lot of money...

Sunday, February 22, 2009

loved somebody you love

p.s : missing you

just wanna say

don't ever make somebody changed because of you.. make him changed because he wants to make his life better

the new Improved KFC DH (with lounge, internet, and life music)

I went to see my friends to do ARISAN (if don't know that just go to my older post about arisan). There was only a few people that came to the Arisan. It was so sad. I miss all of my friends.... my OKE gank..

I want to wear this yesterday.. but because of the hot weather of Jakarta yesterday, i changed my mind in the last minute.. unfortunately i can't have the full photos of the outfit of yesterday.. :(

from head to toe : blazer,my mom's ; white dress,somewhere in JaCC ; skirt (under the dress),my mom's ; flat gladiator shoes,Belle

me and my sister.. she just want to take part of the shoot.. haha..

my sister's from head to toe : hi-shine blue minis,bought in a Seventeen Magz bazaar ; chocolate shorts,somehere in Blok A Tanah Abang ; shoes,custom made

me and my friends

Friday, February 20, 2009

hot pink belt

it's arrived.. it's arrived...

as it shows on my older post that i can buy some things from online stores now... this is the first item that i bought.. a Vintage Belt... the belt arrives quite fast i think.. it only needs for about 7 days i think.. quite fast to ship an item from Canada to Indonesia... let see how it looks tomorrow..

p.s : my mom said that this belt was to expensive.. but i don't care.. i looovvveee it... haha.. i'm sorry mama

i want to SCREAM

if you want something casual for a day look.. i just found this...

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

0.01 $ vest


I finally won something on eBay... I won.. HAHAHA...

This vest only cost 0.01 $ (around Rp. 115,-).. one of my best buy so far... let see how it looks when it arrives... happy mee... :)

And I didn't

So then i didn't buy the steve madden sequinned shoes... because i don't have any money to pay the shipping cost for the item... it was just too expensive...

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Should I??

i just found this from an ebay store called shoe metro.. should i buy this??

i have to decide within 13 hours... HELP!!!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

just sit back and relaxed

and eat some raspberry dipped down to the straberry yoghurt.. yummy..

that V day

Happy Valentine's Day.....

me, my bf, and friends (we're double-dating, how freak is that.. haha) went to Puncak to celebrate it.. just some stupid idea... but we have fun there..

From head to toe : Longer Outerwear,N.y.L.a ; Tank top,my sister's ; Oversized Scarf,my mother's ; Vintage Bag,Kimi2 shop ; Trousers, Zara ; T-Bared Shoes,Wondershoe

Friday, February 13, 2009

leave me belt-ly

i finally can buy things from online store.. hahahahahaha... because my father have lend me his credit card.. wuahahaha (evil laugh) so then i search some things from etsy and ebay... i bought this..

muahhahahahaha... (i love the evil laugh)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Paris J'Taime

i just watched an Indie movie called 'Paris J'Taime.. Once i've seen this poster for about months ago at JiFFest (Jakarta Indie Movie Festival) but i couldn't wacthed because they're all out of tickets.. and then finally when i see this website.. i saw this poster again.. and i told to myself that i HAVE to watch this movie.. so then i watched it with my friend.. I think I love this movie because we can see the different side of Paris and the people there, and of course we can see the different story of LOVE.. the one that i love is about the story of a college girl and a man who works as a cleaning service and a love story about two mimes who fall in love in jail.. i think you should find out yourself why'd i love those story.. hehe..

Sunday, February 8, 2009

i think being narcistic is good if it not too much

went to Senayan to see the "regenerational event" of my theater (Teater Enhakam) kind of club in High School. it's an anual event when a 12th grader have to give their 'so we called job' to the 11th grader to take the responsibilities.. since i'm the alumnist of the High School (but still can be the part of this club).. i can just sit back and relax and do nothing but taking pictures..

the outfit of yesterday

Align Centrefrom head to toe : headpiece,DIY ; butterfly pattern top,somewhere in Tanah Abang Bok A ; pants,ZARA ; t-bar shoes, wondershoe

some pictures that my friends and i are taking..
these are the pictures that i love

(by adeleine)
(by rafika)
(by me)

(by rafika)
(by me)
(by rafika)(by rafika)

(by rafika)
(by rafika)(by rafika)

DIY feather headpiece

i just love feather thing.. so then i make this by myself.. if you want to make some.. here it is..

you just need.. a glue gun, a hairpin, fake feathers, some beads or jewel stone, an old sock, scissor, some lace, a neddle and a sewing thread

#1 cut the sock into to part like this

#2 cut the socks so it become like this

#3 then cut it into a tear drop shape like this

#4 put some glue gun on the side of the hairpin, then stick it to the tear drop shaped sock

#5 stick some feather into the sock with the glue gun

#6 stick some stone jewels and beads as much as you want

#7 sew the lace

voila! there you have it a feather headpiece..