Thursday, July 30, 2009

I Dream Black and White

wearing : abstract dress,Orange ; two toned leggings,custom made ; mary jane wedge,Charles & Keith

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


It's been long since I crave for these things from Babooshka since I saw them months ago at

Kingdom of Style
Sea of Shoes

It was just so expensive for me... I just can't afford buying these things...

But I think I can make a D~I~T (Do It Tailor) thing... Hmmmm....


I found this on my wardrobe yesterday... I remember wearing this on a fashion show competition when I was little... Can you believe that?? hahahahaha... :))

So cool,ha?

It reminds me of the American Apparel's Two Color Tights.... :))

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Salmon Sashimi

wearing : black ring,unbranded ; oversized abstract hoodie,bloop ; stripey pink tanks,unbranded ; dark grey skinny jeans,roxy ; black purse,gift from my boss ; brown peep toe ankle boots,custom made


i've been trying to make my body looked slimmer and healthier.. wish me good luck..

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Man.... It's Heavenly

a purple Leopard leggings (I'm in love with this!)

flower zippered dress (which I crave)

a batwing tee

nu-rave tee

Are really craving for those things???
Man.. I do...
Can you please give me money mom??
Click here to visit Fash'on Heaven

Things to update

Sorry for being lack of update... I have somekind of a boring-syndrom-of-blogging lately.. But I think I was cured now... AMIEN!

This was taken on Monday....

wearing : basic v-neck shirt,topman ; skinny jewel headed belt,Charles & Keith ; black shiny leather look leggings,ebay ; vintage bag,Gobelini ; browny peep toe shoes,custom made

it's my sister....
she wore : grey asymmetric cardy,unbranded ; white tanks,unbranded ; mini short pants,old navy ; I love NERD bag,lovebug ; fringe red shoes,Belle

I got a really cool headband from Mr. Freddy.... It's really really cool.. It has an indian vibe on it... huhuhu.. LOVE IT! To visit his store click here

n.b : Again, sorry for the bad bad picture, my camera is broken and this is the only thing i could come up for (using my phone camera which is I know it was such a bad idea but I couldn't do anything) Sorry... T-T

Sunday, July 5, 2009