Sunday, May 30, 2010

I've got some confession

Yesterday was a very awesome day.. Yay!!
I got a chance to see Dashboard Confessional Live in Pond's Teen Concert, thanks to Farah Mangun for giving me the ticket... Woohoo!! Their songs were awesome and catchy although the sound system was kinda bad.. But over all I love them!!

Well, I was totally in a very WRONG outfit because I didn't actually planned to go to the concert. Every Saturdays I have to attend 2 classes at the University but then my last class got canceled and not long after that Farah told me that she has an extra tickets.. So then I took this ticket than when straight to Senayan (who doesn't want a free ticket to watch Dashboard Confessional?!) I was too lazy to go back home to change my clothes.. lol

wearing : brown cardigan,orange ; leather pocket tank,cotton ink ; belt,DIY (from a shawl) ; side wrinkled faux leather leggings,ebay ; purple drawstring bag,reverse ; gray mary-jane,crocs

Before the show start I went to Plasa Senayan to meet Farah.. My stomach growled so then I went to Sushi Tei to have some Salmon Sashimi and Tempura Ramen.. Yumm!!

Ghea - Wieky - Nanda - Farah - Me 

And they ended it with Fireworks!!

And... A Late Night Ice Cream!!!! Woohoo!! I don't really care about diet-ing today.. lol

Friday, May 28, 2010

Forever After

Hey there guys.. It's been a few days since my last post.. :)
Well, today I watch Shrek 3 "Forever After" it's about True Love Kiss (again) haha.. :p
And then I eat Sego Kucing or Nasi Kucing at Fatmawati.. In English sego/nasi means rice and kucing means Cat so then you have Cat Rice for Sego Kucing in English..
Yeah.. It is awkward! Haha..
No.. It's not I'm eating a cat or something... In Indonesia people sometimes gave their leftovers (from dinner,lunch,etc) to their cat in small portion with an add of rice, a little rice.. That's where the idea began.. Well, this is what my mother told me about Sego Kucing.. Enough with the talking.. I talk to much in this post.. :)

wearing : black cardigan,unbranded ; pink tanks,unbranded ; white shorts,unbranded ; maroon tights,topshop ; purple batik shoes,kulkith ; orange bag,a gift from my sister ; yellow and puple watch,barbie ; beetle bug ring,ebay ; frog ring,svs ; silver ring,f21 ; OPI nail polish

Yup! That is Sego Kucing.. And it is a street vendor..
Do you guys know escargot right?
I ate some of that in there..

Thursday, May 20, 2010

I wanna Dance

Skipped class last Tuesday and then went to Grand Indonesia with my my sister. I accompany her to get a new dress for her Junior High School Prom. We have a different style but she always listened to my suggestions. Hihi.. :))

wearing : Nala Dress,cotton ink ; buckle belt,tarina tarantino ; gray leggings,unbranded ; I love nerd bag,lovebuglovebag ; maroon shoes,shoezisme ; bow ring,institute ; armor ring,forever21 ; silver ring,unbranded ; random bangles,centro

Then we have some mochilla.. Wohoo!!
It's mochi (Japanese traditional food) with ice cream filling.. Yum!

Today I watch Robin Hood with my boy.. It was full and we have to watch it from the second row in front the screen.. A bit hard.. But worth it.. :)
Lesson I learned : "Be Honest"
The movie was great.. :))

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Come! We're Open!

Today was the Launching Party of Cotton Ink's Official Webstore.. Although I'm not invited to the party but I'm still excited for their webstore! Yay!!

I, myself personally love Cotton Ink and wanted to buy more and more of their products.. I love their material and ideas and also, of course, the price.. All of their item were reasonable and affordable..

You can also watch a few ideas on how to wear their products.. click here

Visit their webstore here
I guarantee you will buy a lot of their products!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Cameras, Lights and Models

Got a chance to take part in Retail Theraphy's Photo session yesterday.. It was an awesome experience!!
Actually the weather wasn't the one that we're expected.. At first we wanted to take the photos in the outdoor place (kinda forest-y) but because it was raining all day we couldn't do much about it.. So then most of the photos were taken inside.. Over all it's a fun and daring experience.. It was such a very nice day!! Yay!!

wearing : chiffon shirt,my mom's ; nude tanks,unbranded ; black shorts,old navy ; maroon tights,topshop ; t-bared shoes,wondershoe ; frog ring,svs ; big bow ring,institute ; watch,swatch ; purple drawstring bag,reverse

Sneak peek of their collection..
Check their lookbook here

The team : Yanes - Alexa - Amanda - Cindy - Farah - Me (Minus the photographers and Kalista,the owner)

And one more thing.. I got a voucher worth Rp 450.000,- from Retail Therapy!!!
Super yayness!!