Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Thank you so much my Adi...

It's my birthday..
It's my birthday...
I feel like I want to dance a happy dance dance..... LOL

I just got a surprise birthday dash from my boyfriend.... I'm so happy...

There's nothing else that I can say...
I was just so happy...
I love you Adi...
Thank you for your great surprise... :))

Sunday, October 11, 2009

What a busy Sunday!

Well first we had to take my little brother to his IQ test
And then we go to Senayan to watch the Water Polo Games.. I accidentally watch a Water Polo Games at Senayan because my father was one the organizer of the Championship.. We (my mother, my sister and me) had to accompany him to the games in order to go to the Saloon... LOL
After that we had lunch at Laguna's
And then we picked up my brother
Then going to the Saloon
We go straight to Plaza Senayan right after me and my sister finished doing some hair treatment at the Saloon... :p

wearing : oversized asymmetric cardigans,scarf collection ; zipper front giraffe top,DIT ; black shorts,old navy ; watch,alexandre christie ; creamy bag,custom made ; batik purple shoes,kulkith

my new hair
not so different though... but if you look at me personally you'll see some changes... my hair looks even more layered and nice... :)