Sunday, November 23, 2014

American Eagle Outfitters First Store in Indonesia

American Eagle Outfitters' finally landed in Indonesia.  The store located at Central Park Mall UG Floor. This American brand store was founded in 1977 by brothers Jerry and Mark Silverman as a subsidiary of Retail Ventures, Inc., a company which also owned and operated Silverman's Menswear.

Since I couldn't go to the Opening Store Event, I went there the next day. There's a line up for a voucher worth from 100k, 500k and 1million. I was hoping to be the first 5 people who got the 1million, but I was too late and got the 500k voucher instead. It was still great! I got a cute flannel shirt with hoodie.

So here is the picture of the store.. Enjoy!

 photo IMG_9754_zps1085dbe4.jpg

 photo IMG_9751_zps5abae664.jpg

 photo IMG_9749_zpse04319fd.jpg

 photo IMG_9729_zps6487b802.jpg

 photo IMG_9731_zps1fded8fe.jpg

 photo IMG_9728_zps80a90c04.jpg

 photo IMG_9733_zpsfa83db2f.jpg

 photo IMG_9732_zps6540a628.jpg

 photo IMG_9735_zps4d97d600.jpg

 photo IMG_9734_zps2c85864b.jpg

 photo IMG_9725_zpsd5999d0c.jpg

The cool button which could help you to ask for help from the shopkeeper so you don't need to yell or go back and forth to the changing room to have the size that you wanted.

 photo IMG_9738_zps0c574589.jpg

 photo IMG_9742_zps4b81d394.jpg

 photo IMG_9752_zps254280d6.jpg

 photo IMG_9748_zps29f8c374.jpg

My favorite piece!

 photo IMG_9741_zps08c231af.jpg

 photo IMG_9740_zps278e877d.jpg

 photo IMG_9739_zps5f369da9.jpg

 photo IMG_9808_zpsad6f74b5.jpg

Friday, November 14, 2014

Furry Blues

There's so many things going on in my head recently, the break-ups, work problems, and other things in my life.. Somehow I feel like the world is turning against me. Losing the person that you care and love was never easy. He was my best friend, my partner in crime, my joker, my go to place, my second home, my love. When things were turn into great, sh*t happens.  Well, that's life!

So now, I'm trying to let go of things and be positive. I will always trust that God is kind. We just got to survive another step and challenge in life.. :)

This is the outfit that I wore to Bazaar Fashion Festival in JCC with Lulut.. The top was actually my mom's, so we make different piece with the same cloth.

wearing: Fur hat, Unbranded | Watermelon necklace, Gifted | Long sleeve top, My mom's | Skirt, Tailor-made | Black bow belt, Charles & Keith | Gold watch, Alexandre Christie | Unusual pearl ring, Gift from mom | Gold ring, Gift from mom | Bag, Charles & Keith | Shoes, Zara

 photo IMG_9166_zps8f5c4b27.jpg

 photo IMG_9174_zpsfba15b35.jpg

 photo IMG_9168_zpsd3ed9092.jpg

 photo IMG_9175_zps017d8fb1.jpg

 photo IMG_9187_zps0a4d173c.jpg

 photo IMG_9190_zps98c41e27.jpg

 photo IMG_9194_zpsa8f40be1.jpg

 photo IMG_9172_zpscec5a789.jpg

 photo IMG_9177_zpsf343e3bf.jpg

 photo IMG_9171_zpse277c030.jpg 

shot by Lulut