Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Old Fellow

A few weeks ago I went to Berlin to meet an old friend of mine currently went to Germany to visit his cousins. He's Indonesian and currently studying in Turkey. We were in the same class when we're in the elementary school. Well, you'll see his face when you follow my instagram. Currently thinking on making a post for a backpacker tips in Europe, should I do it? What do you think?

This shots I take in the famous Memorial called Memorial of the Murdered Jews of Europe or Holocaust Museum. It's actually captured the sorrow and scariness of the holocaust.

Black Bell-sleeved Top, H & M
Swimwear Cover-Up worn as a Cape, SBS Bikini
Black Velvet Leggings, Asos
Yellow Boots, Timberland
Bag, Balenciaga
Assorted Rings, H & M
Gold Ring
Watch, Alexandre Christie

 photo IMG_3563_zpskfx1dwlp.jpg

 photo IMG_3609_zpsl9uciimm.jpg

 photo IMG_3607_zps7kpbspsr.jpg

 photo IMG_3593_zps3f5hki1c.jpg

 photo IMG_3598_zpsolrreyfg.jpg

 photo IMG_3611_zpsqdsj3izo.jpg

 photo IMG_3554_zpsnojgpbep.jpg

 photo IMG_3553_zpshucaezjx.jpg

 photo IMG_3595_zpsgnyxm4xx.jpg

 photo IMG_3575_zpskqtjrpy3.jpg

 photo IMG_3579_zpsqvqywrur.jpg

 photo IMG_3589_zpss3trufan.jpg

 photo IMG_3578_zps8fdypyxu.jpg

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Gloomy Rome

It was raining and gloomy on the my last day in Rome, decided to wear gray. Rome has been a great adventure, a great time indeed.


Turtle-neck pullover, H&M
White skirt, H&M
Gray slit skirt, H&M
Black lambskin boots, Juwex
Bag, Pull n Bear (gifted from Sartob, Lulut and Ariyani)
Elephant, Eleph Bag
Assorted Rings, Primark and H&M

 photo IMG_2480_zpstc0ipkyt.jpg

 photo IMG_2410_zpsrbkxksoq.jpg

 photo IMG_2437_zpsu60hbxpi.jpg

 photo IMG_2469_zpsjelapt01.jpg

 photo IMG_2430_zps8ugmqvhr.jpg

 photo IMG_2425_zpshkha6g5q.jpg

 photo IMG_2422_zps95lrophi.jpg

 photo IMG_2415_zpswmfv7anl.jpg

 photo IMG_2402_zps7abmixwr.jpg

 photo IMG_2400_zpsxbedv2hj.jpg

 photo IMG_2484_zpsz3bbbxqu.jpg

 photo IMG_2438_zpsafy4w1ua.jpg

 photo IMG_2447_zpsm29wolaw.jpg

 photo IMG_2468_zpsdetyu3tb.jpg

 photo IMG_2450_zpsksujsfnk.jpg

 photo IMG_2470_zpslaa5dgu8.jpg

 photo IMG_2472_zpsspbjewh8.jpg

 photo IMG_2480_zpstc0ipkyt.jpg

 photo IMG_2403_zps281zvbms.jpg

 photo IMG_2494_zpsuzpzha3b.jpg

 photo IMG_2481_zpsmlzj1myy.jpg