Monday, February 29, 2016

A Gladiator, A Warrior

Wearing this outfit when I went to the Colosseum in Rome. I think it's ensemble the gladiator vibe there. I feel like a gladiator, a strong warrior. 

There's a funny scene happen in there as I shot the outfit. So, I actually shot the outfit in front of people, well not really in front of them, I was taking the shot in some kind of alley inside the Colosseum where people always passing by. Then as I shoot them, came an old man to me and ask me whether he could take my picture with his camera. Being so confused, I just said yes to him. Then he really took his camera phone and take a picture of me. It was so strange, but he was actually so sweet. He smile when he took the picture as if he is the object. You could see the alley as I didn't edited all the picture so you could really see where I took the pictures and the people behind me.


Lurik Cropped Top, Lulu Lutfi Labibi
Slit Red Dress, H&M
Black Leggings, Reebok
Black Lambskin Boots, Juwex
Assorted Rings

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European Adventure Round VII: Rome

When I think about Rome, I always think about Hercules and Julius Caesar. I watch Hercules when I was little, that's why Rome is one of the city I always dreamed of. The Roman kind of days was always interested me. As I was there, the city was way more interesting than I thought it would be. There's just so many places to go, I think 3 days just not enough to visit all the pretty side of Rome. I love posting my view in the photos I take, so please don't mind my massive pictures. I end my trip with slices of pizza.


I spent hours in the Colosseum just to circle around it. Well, since it's the first Sunday of the month, the entrance fee is FREE, but you need to queue up for at least 2 hours to get in if you didn't get there early enough. If you went there any other days, I think it's better for you to buy tickets online. I could feel the thrill of the spectators of the gladiators fighting. I even went back there in the night just to see how the Colosseum glow at night.

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