Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Thrifting is Fun!

 H-o-w R y-o-U ??

Last Sunday I went thrifting with my friends at Pasar Senen.. I only spent like less than Rp 100.000,- ($10) for the whole thing.. This is what I like about thrifting.. Cool stuff with such a cheap price!!
Wanna know the stuffs that I got??

From Accessories Department:

Cubical Diamond Ring for Rp 5.000,- ($ 0,5); swirly ring Rp 10.000,- ($1); ethnic bangles Rp  10.000,- ($1)

From Apparel Department :
Authentic Levi's shorts Rp 30.000,- ($3) ; Vintage Floral Top, Uniqlo Black Cardigan, Abstract Top Rp 5.000 ($0,5) each

My late night meal.. lol


sii miemi said...

senen is awsome, i love be there..

and ur dinner.. makes me starving but sudah makan mie hehhe

btw, kampung ipin upin di lippo karawaci sel, come come near my house


aisaicha said...

aaaa jadi pingin ke senen :)

Miy said...

Yeep.. I've heard about thrifting in Senen but I've never been there myself.. one day, I will! :D

The Picnic Girl

Amanda "Creamy" Apriani said...

Lovely post n' always be that. . .

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Wulan said...

yes, Pasar Senen is the best place for shopping! aku juga sering kesana. Hihi ;p

have a nice day! :)

joninel said...

wow..flea market is the best place :D

joninel said...

wow..flea market is the best place :D

sartob, si tobing, tobbily said...

uuu kt wajib ketemu lg ya kak :) ntr brightspot kt reuni lg kan? hahaha *gaya bgt ngmgnya reuni :p* btw, asik bgt deh ke pasar senen. pengeeen

selly octavia said...

@miemi : hahaha.. enak ya makan mi rebus malem-malem.. segeerr.. :)

@miemi, icha, miy, wulan, sartob : let's go to Senen together.. I was just kinda addicted to thrifting thing.. lol

@amanda : thank you.. :)

@joninel : I totaly agree with you!! :)

Dorothy Souhuwat said...

i like the ring in your forefinger

so wanna exchange link and follow me??