Friday, July 30, 2010

Another Way Around - Bandung Part II

Hey.. Here it goes.. The Bandung Part II Post..
It's FUN FUN FUN FUN.. lol

Having Fun at Rumah Sosis...

Having Dinner at Kampung Daun
The place is so romantic and cold.. I love Kampung Daun.. A very recommended place.. :)


At Night we stayed at Horison Hotel Bandung and then in the morning we arranged some games.. lol


A little Food Porn


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vdcouture said...

cool!! drooling over the food :)


Vina said...

this post makes me hungry.. me want the sausages!!

Myria Rafiz said...

those food porn!
errr I think it's a bad idea to read your post tonite *starving!!!

F i K a said...

hwaaa..kamu membuatku irii sel..pengen liburan juga..huhu..
sosisnya bikin laper apalgi liatnya pas tengah malam gini..hahaha

okky dommy said...

nice vacation :)

selly octavia said...

Thank you guys for your comments.. Hehehe...

@Vina, Fika : enak banged itu sosisnya.. aku aja sampe pengen nambah2 teruuss.. hahaha..

enterrement de vie de garçon said...

On a envie de manger les bonnes choses et les vacances avec !!