Thursday, May 29, 2014

Hey, Dawg!

This is the outfit for Grand Indonesia Fashion Trunk on the previous post..
Went there with bloggies mate Lulut and Bertha, and we do this "Photoshoot" together. So fun!!! A total day out with these beautiful crazy creatures..

wearing: Barking dog sweater, Romwe | Skirt, Benash | Bag, Charles & Keith | Nude shoes, Apple Green | Rings, H&M | Watch, Daniel Wellington

 photo IMG_7278_zpsf8eb54ed.jpg

 photo IMG_7239_zps2a7a299b.jpg

 photo IMG_7228_zps310addee.jpg

 photo IMG_7219_zps9eaf97da.jpg

 photo IMG_7283_zpsa743d2cb.jpg

 photo IMG_7243_zps7adf4618.jpg

 photo IMG_7224_zpsc0830b5a.jpg

 photo 1401000667068_zpsd4e514cd.jpg

 photo IMG_7357copy_zpsba01e4e1.jpg

 photo IMG_7297_zpsceddce6e.jpg

 photo 1401000619021_zps5ee8ea58.jpg

 photo 1401000630818_zps55ffc796.jpg

 photo IMG_7369_zpscc46d516.jpg

 photo IMG_7371_zps5dca1fb4.jpg

 photo IMG_7373_zpsd0bd645c.jpg

 photo IMG_7372_zpsf7486b18.jpg

Photos shot by Lulut and Bertha

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Grand Indonesia 5th Anniversary

Celebrating their 5th Anniversary, Grand Indonesia celebrates their event with so many fabulous events and prizes in 5 major side that is Music, Art, Fashion, Shopping and Dining.
Last Saturday I get a chance to see the Fashion side of the celebration.
The Urban Fashion Blogger trunk show, a fashion show held by MAP with the styling from bloggers, they are Catherine Soepadhi, Bethanny Putri and Karina (I guess, forgot her name, anyone could help me?)
They were giving us some tips and trick for Spring..
So here is the styling goes..

 photo IMG_7376_zps0af3ef77.jpg

 photo IMG_7403_zpsc84c464f.jpg

 photo IMG_7380_zpsdac06886.jpg

 photo IMG_7384_zpseb381e58.jpg

 photo IMG_7387_zps51c0616f.jpg

 photo IMG_7389_zps65e45696.jpg

 photo IMG_7392_zpsb37ea531.jpg

 photo IMG_7395_zps38270b07.jpg

 photo IMG_7406_zps3e659505.jpg

 photo IMG_7409_zps868696bd.jpg

 photo IMG_7410_zps4b379974.jpg

 photo IMG_7413_zps0d3917d9.jpg

 photo IMG_7415_zpsc5612e81.jpg

Bloggers who came to the show..

 photo 1401062508160_zps8cac5a4d.jpg
From right to left:
BerthaFahadPutriNovaAmelLulut, Me, CatherineBethanny

Sunday, May 25, 2014

One Piece Hair Studio

Been so bored with my hair lately, so I decided to dye them.
I went to One Piece Hair Studio in Central Park for the last two weeks. On the first week, I just cut them to get more layers and get rid of my 'ex-smoothing' hair (but not all of them).
And on the next week, I dye them 'ORANGE'. Hahaha..
Well, I didn't bleach them so it turns out to be a burgundy-chocolaty kind of color.
At first I wanted to dye them brown at the top and blue on the bottom but I need to bleach them to let the blue pop out. I was too afraid to bleach them because there were still so many of my 'ex-smoothing' hair and I think when you bleach your hair, you really  need to take great care of your hair.. And I'm a type of person who doesn't really take great care of my hair.
My hair stylist, Mas Dayat, also said that I have lots of hair and curly and tend to get so dry if I bleach them.
But I totally love how my hair turned out to be.. I asked Mas Dayat to make my hair ombre but instead of going ombre from Dark through Light, I ask him to make Light into Dark.. Sort of reversed ombre..  LOVE LOVE LOVE!

I truly recommended One Piece Hair Studio to take care of your hair, either cut or dyed. They really take great care of your hair, I mean they use products which is less damaging for your hair. They didn't use hair spray, but you'll still have a great blow result and stay pretty strong for long. And people there were so friendly and nice. I will definitely be back for another treatment. 

 photo DSC_0735_zps0e6ff150.jpg

 photo DSC_0739_zpsdb2a0f8a.jpg

 photo DSC_0743_zpsfc762184.jpg

 photo IMG_7136_zps65718ef2.jpg

Saturday, May 24, 2014


This photo was actually taken months ago.. But I haven't post them..
Seeing this photo reminding me that I really really need a getaway really soon.. So tired and bored, working in the office for too long making me nuts!

wearing: White tee, unbranded | Mega mendung printed longer back tank, Roxy | Skinny brown belt, Forever21 | White pants, Zara | Sunglasses, unbranded | White ballet shoes, Topshop 

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Chop chop chop!

The new path of life has begun, I mean graduated from university makes me feel that I'm an adult which have so many responsibilities. I somehow feel more mature (I guess). Excited what the future gonna brings and how my life will turned out to be..

I've cut and dyed my hair yesterday, simply to have a new look. I was bored with my hair and decided to dye them. You will see my new hair in the next couple of post.. :)

wearing: White biker jacket, Zara | Printed vest, Zara | Maxi skirt, DIT | Dusty pink watch, Ice Watch | Sneaker wedges, Jeffrey Campbell

 photo IMG_6976copy_zps1ea34ab7.jpg

 photo IMG_6998copy_zpsc8a6fbcd.jpg

 photo IMG_7003_zps9877ff98.jpg

 photo IMG_7010copy_zps5031947e.jpg

 photo IMG_6992copy_zps754a6000.jpg

 photo IMG_6982copy_zps02a69b45.jpg

 photo IMG_7000copy_zps223fa83a.jpg

 photo IMG_6988copy_zps2b4f4e31.jpg

Tuesday, May 13, 2014


Finally I graduated.. Yippie!!! So many bad and good things happened for these past years..
Happiest day so far!!
Thanks to my parents, all of my friends and my boy..
Woohoo!!! I'm free from studying.. (at least for now)! *wink*

 photo DSC_0705_zps71349085.jpg

 photo IMG_7085_zps5fe915c7.jpg

 photo IMG_7109_zpse30a1187.jpg

 photo IMG_7100_zps841c9652.jpg

 photo IMG_7089_zpse8ce34e8.jpg

 photo IMG_7114_zpsfaecd9e2.jpg

 photo IMG_7102_zpsbcff0fbd.jpg

 photo IMG_7111_zps4a41c6ea.jpg

 photo IMG_7113_zps61ad985e.jpg

 photo IMG_7110_zpsdbebe30e.jpg

 photo IMG_7107_zps09d6edc0.jpg