Thursday, March 25, 2010

Banana Republic 2010 : Live in Chino Trunk Show

I take part in the Fashionese Daily & Banana Republic Live in Chino competition.. Too bad I didn't win.. But I get 500 points to be redeemed as vouchers.. Yaaayyy!!!

wearing : cupcakes necklace,topshop (got it for free) ; front zipper animal print mini dress,custom made ; black long cardy,unbranded ($ 12) ; orange bejewelled skinny belt,charles&keith ($ 9) ; brown skirt,custom made ; gray tights,unbranded ($ 5 ) ; creamy bag,custom made ; watch,Alexandre Christie (my mom's) ; mary jane pump shoes,charles&keith ($ 35)

Total Cost for the outfit : $ 61

The winner
Chekka from Cheka Cuomova and Dytha from Stain on My Red Shoes


Rani Nur Rosulli said...

nice post girls.. :)

sii miemi said...

geez... i was there to tommorow..
idk if u was there too.

selly octavia said...

rani : thank youu... :))

sii miemi : really?? that's too bad we didn't met.. we should meet some other time.. :))

sii miemi said...

yes.. i was there.
hahaha.. and i'm alone :P
sure,we should me huh.
oiaa i was following ur tweet biar bs keep contact hehe
mind follow me bac? @mirramie

selly octavia said...

Me too.. I was alone there too.. I'll follow your twitter... thanks.. :))

FIAN said...

nice post dear..

just visit my blog too,, :)
phie emotions.

djhanq said...

so cool :))

tattoo freak

selly octavia said...

Thank you y'all..


nisa-chan said...

blogwalking :)
btw nice blog

visit my blog too ^_^

michelle_ said...

gorgeous look !
congrats for the many vouchers :D ;D

kirstyb said...

lovely post great outfit xxxxx