Saturday, March 6, 2010

Back to The Wonderland

I got free Alice in Wonderland movie tickets from Gogirl Magazine... Yippiiee!!
So.. I got them by sending them an email of personal infromation and bla bla bla
I can take a friend with me but the person that I'll must have a passport because I don't have one.. Haha.. Why?? Because the event was actually held by English First(EF), a kind of english course, and Gogirl of course and they held some kind of event about studying abroad especially UK..
The movie was a mediocre, not too bad and not too good..

wearing : black ribbon headband,~DIY~ ; see through blouse,my mom's ; purple mini dress,orange($9) ; black faux leather leggings,ebay($19) ; bejeweled orange skinny belt,charles&keith ($9) ; ribbon ring,thyo pernik($1) ; puma emerald cuff bracelet,ebay ($10.99) batik bag,bought in Yogyakarta ($3.5); gray laces ankle boots,picnic ($15)
total outfit cost : $ 67.49

this is my friend olivia sandra

our goodie bag

Oh ya..
We got like a few minutes to take some pictures with this guy.. He is Choky Sitohang.. Well, actually I'm not interested to take pictures with him but since a lot of people doing it, I tell to my self.. why don't I do it for fun?? LOL


t a l i s h a said...

cute bow ring... and i envy you getting free movie tickets for alice!

p.s: check out my latest post here.


who is that guy though?

Rani Nur Rosulli said...

i want to see alice too!!
miss INDOnesia ___ XXI
i so envy wif u
eniwe nice outfit


selly octavia said...

@talisha : thank you.. :)) well, he is the presenter of a few Indonesian tv program such as Happy Song..

@rani : don't Germany have a great theater than Indonesia? thank you for the compliment.. :))

febrina utami putri said...

wow the hair piece and the ankle boots are just beyond words! fabulous!

Shanen Arantza Kurniawan said...

oh noooo you watched it already! XD
I also want to watch the movie but sadly i've got no time T_T

but people say that it's not as nice as they've expected. o.O

selly octavia said...

@febrina : thank you.. It's a DIY bow headband.. ;))
@shenen : yeah.. I also do think so.. I love the wardrobe, the green screen effect (animation) and the concept.. But the story was just mediocre.. Haha.. Over all.. It's quite good actually.. I suggested you watched the 3D one.. I think it'll be better.. ;))

Marla Singer said...

nice outfit <3

selly octavia said...

@marla singer : thank youu.. ;))