Sunday, March 14, 2010

Fashion is Phenomenal

Just got back from Gogirl Magazine's Phenomenon today.. :))
I met a few bloggers there and managed to see the fashion show with them.. So happy.. :))
And I saw the Fashion Show by on of the Finalist.. The show called "Nutcracker meet the Ballerina"
The show was opened by a box opened with a ballerina in it,doing ballet.. :))

wearing : transparent blouse,my mom's ; back cut-out velvet dress,retail therapy ($ 19,5) ; gray tights,unbranded ($ 5) ; pink flowery clutch,lou lou via bloopendorse ($ 19) ; beetle swarovski ring,ebay ($ 0.99) ; black plastic ring,institute ($ 8,5) ; puma emerald cuff,ebay ($ 10.99) ; white mary jane wedges shoes,charles and keith ($ 35)
Total cost for the outfit : ($ 98,98)

my sister is wearing : leather pocket tanks,cotton ink ; hot pink belt,etsy ; brown bow ring,thyo pernik ; suede brown skirt,custom made

left to right : Lidwina Grata from fashion suicide ; me ; Heidy F.M. Kalalo from fashion maverick ; Diana Rikasari from hot chocolate and mint

I love this shoes.. :p
(sorry for the blur photo)

I bought 3 things there

a ring from amithevintagist

Reverse bag
They can be turn inside out.. It's like buying 2 different bag... Yippiee.. :)

a flowery cut-out back dress from Plopherz


F i K a said...

nice velvet dress!! :)

hwaaa..too bad that I can't come to the event..I bet that it must be soo much fun!! :)

stellectism said...

the colour or your tights is so fab! i need one like that!

febrina utami putri said...

wiiiii reverse bagnya keren bgt luar dlm modelnya oke punya! and u got to meet diana rikasari wooo asik bgt. she's a fashion icon!

selly octavia said...

@fika : thank you for the compliment.. ;)) that's so sad you didn't come.. Maybe next time you will go to the show and then we could met there.. Hehe.. ;))
@stellectism : the gray thights look great in so many outfits.. You should bought them.. Really.. :))
@febrina utami putri : thank you.. The reverse bag is really cool.. It's like you're having two bags.. Hehe.. Diana Rikasari is so friendly and kind.. It's a very rare experience that you're in the same room as her.. LOL

bella francisca said...

hello, blogwalking :D
asik bgt bsa attending the opening partynya xD
mind to visit mine? :D

xoxo bee <3

aphrodita wibowo said...

waaaa.....kayaknya keren acaranya...

selly octavia said...

@bella francisca : hehe.. iya asik... :))
aphrodita wibowo : keren.. acara seperti ini harus sering2 d adain.. :))

Anonymous said...

hi there thx 4 dropping by yaa. :)
awww asik banget ke gogirl phenomenon! ngiri dahh ;9
iyaa dressnya comfy! gw punya yg item cuman dress yg pendek. hehe. :)
eii i have the exact same ribbon ring like you! :D)
wanna exchange link? :)

selly octavia said...

lalita tian : iya maksudnya aku juga punyanya yg long sleeve mini dress.. hehe.. the same ribbon ring from institute?? wahh.. cool.. :))
ayo2 exchange link