Saturday, April 3, 2010

Food Paradise

I went to Bandung for a couple of days, just for a quick Holiday! :D
Well, as you all know.. Bandung is the place for FOOD!!! All I think about, when I went to Bandung is FOOD!! They got tons here.. From Indonesian, Japanese, to European foods.. :))
You can get some good quality food with cheap price here.. Here are some of the foods that love..

Saucijs Brood from Kartika Sari (5 pcs with only Rp 17.500,- or $1,75)

This one called "Kaboom!" LOL a very funny name.. The sushi made out of beef bacon, cheese, kyuri, and kani

A very delightful sushi called "Son of Dragon" made from salmon, tuna, avocado, shrimp tempura, cheese, kani and mayonnaise plus tobiko on top with a drizzle of home made sauce

The last one called "Beef Mozzu" that is kani, kyuri, cheese with melted mozzarella cheese and beef bacon on top

The best part is.. I only have to pay Rp 83.500,- or $ 8,35 for those delightful sushi including 1 bottle of mineral water.. I LOVE SUSHI BAA!!!

These two pictures above are the foods from Haryanti Sundanese Resto.. The first one is stir-fry mushroom and the other one is Ayam Penyet (it's fried chicken with chili sauce on top)
All together cost for Rp 9.000,- ($ 9)

Last one..
I introduce you to "Ngeumong Cafe"
If you seek for a homey Cafe and a cup of great hot chocolate.. This place is very recommended.. I, myself don't wanna go from this Cafe.. Their hot chocolate makes me drooling for more and more.. XD

I'm not smoking at all! That smoke photo above is my friend's.. :))


Glam Girl said...

This food looks so yummy!

Vina Sagita said...

currency $nya salah semua deh kayaknya.. anggepannya US$1 = Rp10.000,- kan? :)

but by the way, those foods make me drooling.. :9

selly octavia said...

glam girl : They are!! And I love them all!!
vina sagita : Haha.. iya.. udah aku ganti tapi.. kemaren buru2 soalnya.. xD..

Nora said...

foodporn! and the sushi is absolutely cheap and look yummy! wow.. must visit when i hit bandung. =))

thanks for your sweet comment on my blog. mind to exchange link?


Owen said...

nice fooddddd :) nice blog anywaaay.
mind to exchange links?

selly octavia said...

@nora and owen :Definitely a must visit place!! sure.. my link is