Monday, May 25, 2009

Simple and Comfortable

Yesterday I went to Festival Jajanan Bango (some kind of food festival).. Man... All of the foods there looks great and tempting.. I'd like to try all of those but I don't have that stomach.... LOL

'Mie Kering' from Makasar

'Es Palu Butung' and the other one is 'Mie Aceh' I admit it tastes weird... I don't like it... :(

my mom's eating like crazy.... hahaha...

Then went straight to 'Pondok Indah Mall 2' to see my 2 friends.. Just hang out and chatting...


Stain On My Red Shoes said...

hah! i went to bango too. langsung kalap makan disono hehehehe.

thanks for stopping by my blog, sori baru sekarang ngebales. laptop meninggal dengan tenang, jadinya rada susah blogging akhir2 ini :(

selly octavia said...

Iya banged... Kayaknya semua pengen dicoba tapi perut gak cukup.. hahaha... :)

I'm very sorry to hear that.... Semoga laptopnya tenang d alam sana.... :)

fhen said...

wah jadi nyesel gak ke festival jajanan bango
hope someday can meet you too hehe
sering ke pim juga ?

selly octavia said...

wahh.. pastinya nyesel banged... jarang2 di indonesia ada festival makanan asli indonesia.... haha.. iya sering ke pim... emang fhenny sering ke pim juga?