Thursday, May 14, 2009

GoGirl's Website Launch and Garage Sale

What I wore:

wearing: feather headpiece,~DIY~ ; black blazer,my mom's ; white tanks,carefour department store ; hot pink belt,etsy ; urban skirt,thrifted in Pasar Senen ; name necklace,royal queen store ; watch,Christian Alexandre ; bag,my own store(Indulgence)

The show :
I can only say 7 words...
Twenty First Night IS So Awesome !

Well... The real thing is there were lots of performances that we can see such as Vierra and other band... But I can only see Twenty First Night because I was late... The show started at 13.00 and I came to the show at 17.00.... I feel so sad... :(

I met:
I met Heidi from Fashion Maverick... She is cool and friendly and nice... I love her style especially her hair... It's awesome... It's so nice meeting her... :)

Things I bought:

Platform shoes from Mitchybelle with only Rp. 100.000,- ($ 10) and the original price is Rp. 269.000,- ($ 27) How nice!!!

Do you remember about a statement bag that I post about months ago??
I finally have it.... And it's cheaper too... I got it only Rp. 110.000,- ($ 11) and the original price is Rp. 125.000,- ($ 13)

Result :
Everything was great there... But... Unfortunately I was there by myself and I hate it... You know... When people were having fun and hanging out with their friends, I was there by myself... All of my friends couldn't make it because of they some things to do and my boy couldn't make it because he got something to do that is playing soccer.. How ironic!


Fashion-Maverick said...

nice meeting you as well, Selly!!..hoho..

selly octavia said...

nice meeting you too.... :)


wah.akhirnya bli juga yg I <3 nerd.
dtunggu postingannya kak yg pke tas itu. :)
hmm tasnya ada resletingnya ga ?

selly octavia said...

iyaa... gak ada resletingnya.. :(

Oliphe Butarbutar said...

Love ur shoes!!Lucky you!It's only 100rupiahs :D