Friday, May 1, 2009

a box of GOLDY BROWN!

I've been waiting for these baby for about a month and it's finally done.... muaahhh.... my new baby has born.... a new Open Toed Lace Up Booty

and it's custom made..... :P


lovelyme said...

where did you made it??can you recomand me where the store is??because i think this shoes is so good made..!heheh...i'll try to find the store which can make shoes by own design..but till now,i've not found it yet..can you help me to find it..or you can recomand that store..thankyou..

selly octavia said...

well.. the shoes was my made by my mother's friend... kayaknya di friendster ada deh.. coba ini
tanya aja bisa bikin custom made atau gak.... sorry for not helping at all...