Sunday, June 27, 2010

It's a Blast!

Hi guys!
Sorry for the lack of update I've been busy lately because of my studies. It's the exam weeks that frustrating me! It is hard when you have to go to work in the morning for 8,5 hours then went straight to campus and do the exam.

Enough of the whinning! Well, yesterday after the exam (yes I have an exam on Saturday) I went to Pplaza Indonesia to meet the Indonesian bloggers. The theme is "Proud to be Indonesian". They were all so kind and nice. Maybe this kind of event should be held more often, agree?

After that I went to KFC Bulungan to meet a few friends. It's been months sine we hang out together. I miss them so much.

wearing : NN:02 Classic Robe,nikicio ; batik shawl worn as dress,my mom's ; black patent belt,orange ; faux leather leggings,ebay ; bronze peep toe ankle boots,custom made ; silver ring,forever21 ; frog ring,svs ; emerald puma bracelet,ebay

back row : luthfi - reevo - sartob - regina - veve - caroline - patricia - aisa 
middle row : me - deryn - audrey - nitya - wuri
front row : titaz - shinta


vdcouture said...

makasih sayang :) btw i really like your curly hair, it's really nice. is it permanent or ??


TARA said...

woahhhhhh, sepertinya fun bgt ya blogger meet up-nya, hihihihihi sudah ketebak pasti ntar kebanyakan pada pake batik secara dresscodenya proud to be indonesian, jadi nyesel gak dateng..

I like ur Nikicio classic robe, i want that :)

if u don't mind please check my blog and leave ur comment,


Aisa said...

sellyyy :) we should meet up more often with the other bloggers hihi. btw i just follow and link you in my blog, xoxo

ladytjahjadi said...

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aku ga dapet kalungnyaaa hikshikshiks :( anw , kok itu acc ak tiba" bisa kk foto ya ? kaget :P ayoayo kt meet up lagii :)

Yuni Tisna said...

love ur ring. hehe

Alexandra Gabriella Audrey said...

thank you ya selly :)
mau meet up lagi deh!
aku udah link km jg ya hehe

Anonymous said...

ur style not look very well.

Rebecca Clairine said...

love ur ring ,

visit mine ?
i've a new post! :D


Anonymous said...

it was a blast indeed! hehe
LOLed at the funny pic of kak Titaz eating the fish ;)

Castor Pollux

Reevo Saulus said...

Astaga hahahaha riweuh banget ya :))

selly octavia said...

Thank you y'all for the lovely comments.. :))

@vd : itu asli sayang.. tanpa curling iron tanpa apaun.. hehe.. :))

@tara : thank you.. you should get one of the robe. they are so comfy..

@aisa, lady,audrey : ayo ayoo.. semoga bisa ketemu di brightspot yaaa.. :))

@yuni, rebecca : thank you.. :))

@castor pollux : haha.. me too.. she's so funny..

reevo : ho-oh.. tp seru bgd.. flasing lights everywhere.. :)