Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Something Missing

Hey there!!
It's weird to make a blog post in "work" day.. lol
Well, I went home rather early today and decided to make a post which doesn't have an outfit photos in it.. haha..
It's been for about two years since the first time I place my first post here.. Yeah.. Quite long..
But I feel there's still something missing in my blog.. I don't know for sure.. Maybe you can tell me??

I totally got inspired with Diana Rikasari from Hot Chocolate and Mint in making this blog.. She is amazing inside out.. :))
And by the time goes by.. I feel like there's so much to learn from this blog... I learn a lot, seriously..
I learn not only FASHION but also LIFE.. I learn that people have different things, time to spend, passions and needs..
And I can get a chance to do something that I haven't tried before.. That is so cool..
Well, the other reason in making this blog.. I'd like the world to know that EVERYBODY WILL LOOK GOOD AS LONG AS THEY'RE CONFIDENT WITH THEMSELVES.. No matter what size you were, how tall you were and how much money that you have spent on one single outfit..

Thank you people who have followed and read my posts.. You really are precious to me.. Love you guys!!! :))


Myria Rafiz said...

Totally agree!
no mattr what size we are, we always able to look fabulous - even tough weve spent only a-dollar or less for our outfit! :D
Just be ourselves and be confident with it! Nice post,Selly!

sii miemi said...

lovely words sel...
i'm sp agree :)
btw, i'm scared with night & rain since in high school and idk why..
so weird huh..


Anonymous said...

100% agree selly, kita punya byk yg bisa kita pelajari just not about fashion but life is more important karena fashion juga ada dlm kehidupan. no matter what size we ar, kita juga bisa ttp good looking. :) nice post selly.

The Allure House said...

Yes. Lovely words. :D

selly octavia said...

@myria, anita, the allure : thanks guys.. stay confident!! :)

@miemi : ho-oh.. that's weird.. :)