Sunday, May 30, 2010

I've got some confession

Yesterday was a very awesome day.. Yay!!
I got a chance to see Dashboard Confessional Live in Pond's Teen Concert, thanks to Farah Mangun for giving me the ticket... Woohoo!! Their songs were awesome and catchy although the sound system was kinda bad.. But over all I love them!!

Well, I was totally in a very WRONG outfit because I didn't actually planned to go to the concert. Every Saturdays I have to attend 2 classes at the University but then my last class got canceled and not long after that Farah told me that she has an extra tickets.. So then I took this ticket than when straight to Senayan (who doesn't want a free ticket to watch Dashboard Confessional?!) I was too lazy to go back home to change my clothes.. lol

wearing : brown cardigan,orange ; leather pocket tank,cotton ink ; belt,DIY (from a shawl) ; side wrinkled faux leather leggings,ebay ; purple drawstring bag,reverse ; gray mary-jane,crocs

Before the show start I went to Plasa Senayan to meet Farah.. My stomach growled so then I went to Sushi Tei to have some Salmon Sashimi and Tempura Ramen.. Yumm!!

Ghea - Wieky - Nanda - Farah - Me 

And they ended it with Fireworks!!

And... A Late Night Ice Cream!!!! Woohoo!! I don't really care about diet-ing today.. lol


yiqin; said...

Ah I love them. I want some salmon too hehe

{ I V Y } said...

cute cardigan!

S.Elisabeth said...

Sounds like such a fun night! So jealous you got to see Dashboard Confessional even if it was in the wrong, albeit cute, outfit! And omgsh that food!!

Melanie M said...

Awh, you look AMAZING. Totally love your shoes. :)


Walk The Sand said...

Looks like awesome fun! And I LOVE your bag with the tassels, and your rings!

selly octavia said...

Thank you guys for your comments, yiqin, ivy, melanie m, walk the sand :))

@S.Elisabeth : lol but it's when you have to jump and sing with that cardigan.. haha.. thank you.. :))