Thursday, May 20, 2010

I wanna Dance

Skipped class last Tuesday and then went to Grand Indonesia with my my sister. I accompany her to get a new dress for her Junior High School Prom. We have a different style but she always listened to my suggestions. Hihi.. :))

wearing : Nala Dress,cotton ink ; buckle belt,tarina tarantino ; gray leggings,unbranded ; I love nerd bag,lovebuglovebag ; maroon shoes,shoezisme ; bow ring,institute ; armor ring,forever21 ; silver ring,unbranded ; random bangles,centro

Then we have some mochilla.. Wohoo!!
It's mochi (Japanese traditional food) with ice cream filling.. Yum!

Today I watch Robin Hood with my boy.. It was full and we have to watch it from the second row in front the screen.. A bit hard.. But worth it.. :)
Lesson I learned : "Be Honest"
The movie was great.. :))


sii miemi said...

cotton ink is new style..
nice outfit


Rimma Izzaty said...

jadi mau beli cotton ink deh.
sepatunya suka deh.
itu mochi dmn?

dsy said...

hello.. I love Cotton Ink too!
tapi aku ga ambil Nala, too much drapery for me.. :p
that mochila looks yummy..!!

selly octavia said...

@sii miemi : true!

@rimma : itu mochi di Grand Indonesia.. :)

@dsy : hihi.. another cotton ink fans.. :)

regina said...

uh the mochilla! i always craving for that!!!!

blogwalking, please blogwalking back and wanna exchange link?

Marla Singer said...

great outfit! <3

Atika Amalina said...

yeah i ♥ cotton ink too, all of their stuffs are cool.
your shoes are freaking nice :)

F i K a said...

love the Nala dress!! thinking to order one :p

nitya said...

I love the bag!
I have the other one, it is written: "Drama Queen"

nice outfit

Strawberry Giggles

michelle_ said...

many thanks for your warm comments :)
hope you're enjoying the weekend !

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selly octavia said...

@regina : sure :)

@marla, atika, nitya, michelle : thank you so much guys.. :)

@fika : you should order one! :)

Anonymous said...

hi dear thanks for your sweet comment
have a nice day :)

ms.Gee said...

you look good dear :)
love it...

btw wanna exchange link or maybe following each other ??


Yaryy said...

loving these photos!
this blog is really cute..

Luchie said...
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michellehendra said...

i love love love love love the i heart nerd bag!


blog megadiskon said...

es krimnya kelihatannya enak:)