Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Come! We're Open!

Today was the Launching Party of Cotton Ink's Official Webstore.. Although I'm not invited to the party but I'm still excited for their webstore! Yay!!

I, myself personally love Cotton Ink and wanted to buy more and more of their products.. I love their material and ideas and also, of course, the price.. All of their item were reasonable and affordable..

You can also watch a few ideas on how to wear their products.. click here

Visit their webstore here
I guarantee you will buy a lot of their products!


Myria Rafiz said...

what did you buy, Selly? totally agree! and i love those idea : alice in boxyland! :D

michelle_ said...

yay yay yay :)
im soooo excited for their webstore opening :)


atika said...

we love cotton ink right ? alice in boxy land is such a great concept <3


Jessica said...

thanks for letting know!
cotton ink is awesome!!

The Queen of Queer

selly octavia said...

@Myria : I haven't buy one yet but I have an eye on a few things there.. Better save up for them.. hihi.. :)

@michelle : Yaay!! me too.. :)

@atika : Yes we doo!! Yup.. They surely have a great idea on that..

@jessica : you're welcome.. :))

andee said...

its good post.....very cute