Thursday, May 13, 2010

Mixte Vol. 5 by Nikicio

"I want to challenge the notation of the fashion world. no trends. no season. no fads. my clothes have to be able to worn & last forever" - Nina Karina Nikicio

Last Monday I got a chance to see Nikicio's Mixte Vol. 5 fashion show. They are totally awesome.. Their collection is very inspiring.. :))
Bad thing is my digital camera couldn't take the beautiful collection of the show.. :(

wearing : rolled up black long cardy,unbranded ; animal print necklace,nefertiti ; high waisted pants,my mom's ; ribbon ring,institute ; silver big ring,forever21 ; random silver rings,unbranded ; purple drawstring bag,reverse ; peep toe brown ankle boots,custom made

There were a few bloggers who came to the show

ligwina grata - hafiz akhbar - me - michelle koesnadi (check her blog! she has the video of the fashion show) - diana rikasari - bethanny putri (who takes this shot)

MIXTE VOL. 5 is inspired by the New York's subway. Like the New York's ride experience; it's rich with timing, personality, and attitude.
First of all let's see the lookbook..

Turn the lights of..
It's time for the Fashion Show..

This is the best picture I could get from the show.. :(

Here are some of the collection from Mixte Vol.5 that I got from Nikicio's facebook page.

I have an eye on those pants! Gorgeous!

source nikicio

I think the collection really shows the rich flavor of the subway. There were a lot of people with different jobs and different taste. The material of the clothes, the models, the cut, the lining and everything seems so rich.
I really enjoying myself watching the runway show and started to feel like I'm no longer in Jakarta. I feel like I was in New York's subway, sitting on the bench, watching people walking by in the subway. It's magical!


Myria Rafiz said...

lucky you who could watch the show live!!! too bad am too far far away from Salihara hahahaha
great collection theyve had!
by the way, i really love their shorts and longerback see-thru dress!and those great studded blazers! what about you? :D

Kasia said...

nice rings! love them!;)

nitya said...

Ooh, lucky you to see the fashion show!

great outfit!

oh btw, I'm new in fashion blogging. And need some comments or advices.. Would you like to see my blog? I'll appreciate it soo much.


Rani Nur Rosulli said...

they are really cool anyway,,
nice rings, and i think you are really lucky u , u could watch that cool show live !!


selly octavia said...

@Myria Rafiz : I love their textured pants and their shorts too.. :))

@kasia, rani : hihi.. thank you so much.. :))

@nitya : thank you.. sure.. just ask me when you have questions.. :))