Sunday, April 25, 2010

Two Outfits One Tights One Shoes

Hey there!!
It's been a few days since my last post.
Well, it's been a very busy day lately. I have a mid-semester exam this week and I was just so lazy when it comes to studying things. T-T Why do we always have to study?? It's killing me... Haha.. I'm kidding mom!

Anyway.. Yesterday I attended 2 events.. Because the events held in the same day, I wear the same tights and shoes.. Ha ha ha.. :)
First top... My neighbours wedding party.. It's turqouise and faboulous!!

wearing : Back Cut-out Velvet Dress,retail theraphy ; Gray Tanks,unbranded ; Maroon Tights,topshop ; Flowery Pink Clutch,lou lou via bloopendorse ; Gray and Maroon Ankle Boots,picnic

Flower Path

The gift from the wedding party reminds me of the box from Tiffany & Co.

My sister also took part in the wedding party

Family photo minus my dad because he's the who takes this photo

The second one is..
The event which held by Girlfriend Magazine called "Fashion Academy"

wearing : Black Nala Dress,cotton ink ; Assymetrical Padded Tee,cotton ink ; Buckle Belt,tarina tarantino ; Plastic Bow Ring,institute ; Maroon Tights,topshop ; Chocolate Bag,reverse ; Gray and Marron Ankle Boots,picnic

British Flag inspired nail art (DIY)

The set

A few Fellow Bloggers..

Atika - Regina - Me - Nora - Alexa

I met Bethanny Putri from Afternoon Tea and Living Room and the owner of De.Cada.Dia.. It's cool and awkward at the same time when you have an old friend from Junior High School has the same hobby (blogging) as you.. Haha

The Show

The speaker : Nina Nikicio from Nikicio - Chitra Subijakto (Fashion Stylist) - Filo from Girlfriend (Fashion Editor) - Theresia Alit Widyasari from BloopEndorse

Fashion Show
Fragrance by Kiki Chan

Danjyo Hiyoji

Music Performance by MOCCA

And.. Ta Da!!
Do you remember this post about giveaway that held by De.Cada.Dia??

I have them already!!!
The Dual Tone Leggings..


sii miemi said...

wow envy u girls..
u look fun w/ the show, someday we should meet yaa


aphrodita wibowo said...

look fun...


febrina utami putri said...

iya gw jg dpt undangan ke acara GF itu tp gw lebih milih jalan2 sama fam dan meetup haha abisnya jg udah keburu janjian jg. eh eh seru ga fashion shownya? btw killer heels! gw suka bgttttt

contact us at: said...

sel sel ukuran L nya sekitar 96,gimana gimanaa?heheee

himsky said...


the review was great!
I just want to correct one thing,
it was Chitra Subijakto, the fashion stylist.


selly octavia said...

@ sii miemi : yes yes yes we should!!!

@aphrodita wibowo: it's so fun! :))

@febrina: iya gw jg suka ma heelsnya.. hihi. adinya mau ikut meet-up cuman udah janji ketemuan ma org d GF.. huhu.. we should meet someday! :))

@himsky : thank you for correcting me.. :))

Anonymous said...

love your heels :)
happy sunday,love anita

Shanen Arantza Kurniawan said...

cool heels cool heels :D

selly octavia said...

@anita and shanen : thank you.. :))

t a l i s h a said...

love your clutch and heels! :)

gd said...

Blogwalking... nice bloggie! follow you, please follow back...

Anonymous said...

aww i really like your heels dear :)

selly octavia said...

@talisha @gd @lalita tian : thank you so much.. :))