Monday, February 22, 2010

Lucky Number 14

I saw a giveaway post on Michelle's blog today..
And I said to myself.. "Why don't you give it a try?"

So here it goes...
I love this look because I love the comfortable clothing.. And this look was effortlessly stylish.. Fashion doesn't always about edgyness and style.. But a also comfort.. You can't be look good if you don't feel comfortable with the clothes you're wearing! As long as you happy with the way you look and you're comfortable with it.. You'll always look good..
Why I should win?? Well, I fortunately love clothes and fashion.. And if I win this giveaway I'll wear them everyday (14 looks right??) these clothes will never be a waste for me.. Every clothes has their own soul.. You couldn't hurt a pure soul, right?? Thank you :))

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