Friday, February 26, 2010

Bang! Bang! Geisha!

Spending my Friday with my family..
As usual.. The day after I got my salary I spent few of the money treating my family..
This time.. We went to our favorite seafood restaurant.. I didn't take any picture there.. Hehe.. Sorry for that.. :))

And btw.. I've been changing my layout for these few days... I just wanna feel a little more relax with my blog.. Don't you think?? I wanna change the logo too but I don't have the idea yet.. Do you have any??

One more thing.. I cut my bang today! Yippiieeee.. I was so bored with my last bang.. With this bang I feel younger.. LOL

wearing : cloudy batik kimono,bought in Yogyakarta ($7) ; pink glittery belt,Colorbox (free from a goodie bag) ; black squarish envelope bag,Royal Queen Store ($13) ; charm bracelet,Forever21 ($8,9) ; faux leather leggings,Ebay ($9) ; broken white mary jane wedges,Charles&Keith ($34,9)
Total cost for the outfit : $ 70,5


Rani Nur Rosulli said...

ur batik kimono so pretty :)
i was in jogja and i though it is quite cheap for buying batik in bRIngharjo than Mirota :p ..

stop by :

selly octavia said...

Yeah I also think so.. But sometime the batik in Bringharjo is quite expensive if we can't bargain.. Good thing I brought my Grandma, who stayed in Yogya, helped me with some bargain..

Rani Nur Rosulli said...

heheh need ur grandma when visit jogja :p.. ive already follow u..
follow back dear