Saturday, February 27, 2010

Animal Mood Boost

The packages from ebay have arrived!!!!
Well, I got 2 packages the first 1 one is from USA which are pink swarovski beetle bug ring and emerald puma bracelet.. The other one is from Hong Kong that is a waterproof camera..
So excited.. They suddenly boosted my mood.. I feel very happy.. Wohoo!!!

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Rani Nur Rosulli said...

nice camera :)
can u buy from ebay easily? are you in Indonesia, right?


selly octavia said...

yes I'm in Indonesia.. You can buy things from ebay so easily if you have a credit card which have been registered on Paypal.. Well, I, myself don't have a credit card yet.. So I used to use my dad's
Have you tried buying things on ebay?? You're staying in Germany right?