Sunday, February 28, 2010

24 hours is not enough,Grey!

Hey guys!!
I just got back from a very hectic day.. :))

wearing : gray beanie hat,bought in Plaza Semanggi's Stall ($3) ; gray buttonned dress,bloop ($16.5) ; pink beetle ring ($0.99) and emerald puma cuff bracelet ($10.99) ; gray tights,bought in online shop ($5.5) ; red sling bag,kimi2shop ($ 13) ; mega mendung patterned batik shoes,just kulkith ($19)
Total outfit cost : $ 69,98

# 1
accompanying my dad to take my brother and sister to their courses

my brother and I was hungry at the time so we ate 'Bakso Moncrot' which is a tomato with meat balls filled inside them at Tebet

# 2
chill out at Dunkin Donuts Tebet with my adi

then we went to some stores in Tebet but I only interested with this necklace from Nefertiti

after that on our way home.. I feel my stomach growling.. So we went to Hoka Hoka Bento..
chicken teriyaki with egg chicken roll + salad

# 3
Watching "Pemburu Kunang-Kunang" with my besties (totally forgot to take their photos.. sorry)
Great Performances

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