Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Finally Arive!

Do you remember about my last post of the $ 0,01 Vest?? It has finally arrives... but in some areas it was badly sewed.... I was dissapointed with it... But the fur (fake i think) is so soft... I will updated how it looks on me soon..

If you're just wondering whether I really bought this vest with only $ 0,01, here is the prove... hehehe.. ;)


Vina said...

that's worth with USD 0.01 i think. murah banget. terlalu murah sepertinya. kog bisa ya jual harga segitu. modalnya 0.005 mungkin? LOL.

selly octavia said...

wahahaaa.. gak tau tuh... tapi seneng juga dapet vest seharga segitu... my best buy so far.... :)