Monday, March 9, 2009


It's my 4th time of learning how to drive with my father... And then my father said that i was getting better... Yaaayyyy... I was so happy... but I still have lots of practice and learning before i my father allow me to drive.. wahahahaha..

From head to toe: Feather Headpiece,D-I-Y ; stripy blazer,my mom's ; grey mini dress (worn as tank top),somewhere in Blok A Tanah Abang ; Black Pants,Zara ; marijane wedges, Charles and Keith


theliciousgum said...

ur so cute! so is your blog!!

oh and btw, my boyfriends name is adi too. :P

Wina said...

love ur dress-up blog!!
i blog on fash too..
wanna exchange link? :)

lola said...


selly octavia said...

theliciousgum : what a coincidence! hahaha... we're not sharing the same adi right?? haha.. just kidding..

wina : sure.. why not??

lola : thanks..

echi said...

i love your maryjane!!

selly octavia said...

thx... it's from Charles & Keith.... hehe..