Saturday, March 7, 2009

being together

me and my boyfriend just celebrated our 1st anniversary in a relationship... i know it was just kind of silly.. but.. i enjoy it so much... bodohnyaaa...

what i wore today...

from head to toe : oversized grey cardy,somewhere in Melawai Plaza ; mini dress,Orange ; necklace,birthday gift from my adi ; barbie wrist watch,my sister's ; black wet leather look leggings,eBay ; creme stich bag,Indulgence ; red t-bared jeans shoes,Wondershoe

my adi looked so tremendously silly and bad-faced.. hahaha... he's also looked tired..

my gift : the grandma and grandpa mobile phone accessories

for dinner today : clams, some prawns, kangkung (veggies), and ice tea

excuse me for the tissue that is all over the table


laraspermata said...

You and your boifriend look really cute together!!
Btw thx yah udh visit blog gue..spatunya alhamdulilah nyaman dan ga bikin pegel..hehehe buat gih ! :)

selly octavia said...

adeku udah pernah buat and it wasn't looked that good for me.. kind of dissapointing i guess..