Saturday, January 31, 2009

i'm glowing

i found this thing around 3 weeks ago.. i just couldn't decide whether i should post this thing or not.. so then i found out i SHOULD post this one out..

it's like going back to the old times when i was little.. i have a lot of this PEZ candy holder or whatever they called.. from the donald duck, daisy duck, mickey mouse, darth vader and somethin' elses that i can't remember.. haha.. btw this one GLOWS IN THE DARK.. it came from the hallloween theme.. but.. there's one thing that bother me.. I DON'T KNOW WHERE TO BUY THE REFILL CANDY OF PEZ.. is there somebody out there knows?? please tell me.. i've searching for it for several days..


karl's sweet child said...

Think you could find the refill in farmers market kelapa gading.. But its been months since my last visit to that market so I don't really know if they still has those refills.. :-)

selly octavia said...