Thursday, July 2, 2015


It's been a month (and a few days) since I left Jakarta. Within those days I found so many interesting things here in Germany, well actually in Homburg (and Saarbrücken). I learn a lot. A few things were different here than Indonesia. People here were more aware and careful. They way people here think were simple, they want to make things easier to handle.

Cold Shoulder T-Shirt, New Look
Skirt, Tailor-Made
Shoes, Melissa
Winged Bag, Lucid Moxie

 photo DSC_9217_zpsgkugek2u.jpg

 photo DSC_9218_zpskkk7ylbz.jpg

 photo DSC_9219_zpshv4sovly.jpg

 photo DSC_9220_zpsgfxdla1f.jpg


20spring said...

Hey! Just curious, but how long did it take for your bag for Lucid Moxie to arrive? So random, but might as well ask XD

selly octavia said...

@ 20spring Hallo.. Sorry took so long to reply your comment. I actually bought it in Indonesia, it took 3-4 days to be arrive. I didn't where you live so probably at best you could ask lucid moxie for shipment. I hope my answer could help :)