Saturday, June 13, 2015

An Army of Green

I've always love green since I was little. It's something about green that fascinate me. When I was little, I love army green and nowadays I love aquamarine, lime, and of course army green.

Army Green Jacket, H&M
Lion T-Shirt, Wellborn Company
Patched Jeans, American Eagle
Backpack, Jansport
Shoes, Melissa

 photo DSC_9186_zpsmootv8el.jpg

 photo DSC_9190_zpsym2v3d78.jpg

 photo DSC_9189_zpsxaey2kcr.jpg

 photo DSC_9187_zpsels8j6ss.jpg

 photo DSC_9188_zpsi8hbdzjh.jpg

 photo DSC_9191_zpsbqfbvtc7.jpg

1 comment:

Ron said...

Nice bag. :)