Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Last Day

Today is the first day of my "Nganggur" (no work) days since yesterday was the last day of me working at PT. SMS. Yesterday was pretty much a mixed feeling kind of day, I was sad that I have to be separated with my office mates but I also happy because I'm free. I've been working there for 7 years, yup, seven years! It's been a very long long time. I've been working there since I was 17 years old. A girl who still think as a kid (although now still do sometimes), without any knowledge on how to work and do know what to expect for the future, and now I'm an adult (well, I'm 24 now). It's been so many ups and downs, it seems like I grow up with them. I treat them as friend as well as family, we're so close already. My closest office mate, Mbak Sandra, gave me a minion (which she said looks like my boss, hahaha) and a pop-up card. She cried when she gave me the gifts. Aww.. It was so thoughtful. I hug her tightly for a long time. So sad. I hug each of my office mate after work (even my boss, an awkward hug for him) and apologize of any offended saying or doing.

So, last Friday the office held a farewell party for me at Grand Cafe Grand Hyatt Hotel. It was a pretty decent meals and we have fun eating, taking pictures, eating, eating, chit-chat-ing, and eating again. And then there's come the peak of the event where we sat down and my office mates told me about their testimonials for me. It feels so good when you know that people around you loved you and hope for the best for you. So many sayings that warm my heart. The most shocking part is, when all the people said their testimonials without dropping any tears at all, my big boss cried when saying his testimonials. I was so shocked, like totally shocked. I never seen him cried before. He cried and said that he's still needed me, that he depended on me (since most of his work was handled by me, I was a secretary, but not a personal secretary, more like a corporate secretary). The funny thing he told me that his colleagues also tell him that he'll be overwhelmed with lots of work if I wasn't there to help him (well, he had new secretary already though, I think she'll help him just fine eventually). And when he cried my office mates started to cry. I don't know why I feel so awkward when people cried for you, I don't quite know how to describe how I feel, really. Then it's time for me to talk, I thank them and apologize for anything that offended them. And then suddenly a waiter brought a big bouquet of flower and my other boss gave it to me. She also gave me a white gold necklace with initial "S" as the pendant. I was so overwhelmed. Either way, I love them all. People that I work for, work with, team work, party together, got yelled by boss together, lunch together, travel together. I was a really fun 7 years.

The reason why I resign from my work is..............
Well, I'll tell you later! :D

Now enjoy the pictures of the farewell party and a few of my office mates and bosses.

 photo IMG-20150328-WA0062_zpsi4h6go4b.jpg

 photo IMG-20150328-WA0060_zpsfvr1ndfz.jpg

 photo IMG-20150328-WA0038_zpsvg0wixqj.jpg

 photo IMG-20150328-WA0042_zpsc59vzavh.jpg

 photo IMG-20150328-WA0045_zpsuxo8p5lo.jpg

 photo IMG-20150328-WA0045_zpsuxo8p5lo.jpg

 photo IMG-20150328-WA0059_zpsceqa98cj.jpg

 photo IMG-20150328-WA0056_zpshbwzqkbc.jpg

 photo IMG-20150328-WA0023_zpsuipi0g20.jpg

 photo IMG-20150328-WA0020_zpsmewsnqns.jpg

 photo FB_IMG_1427501127397_zpsqrp6rwtj.jpg

part of the board of directors, Mr, Yufan, Mr. Adin and the new secretary who will replace me, Elsa

 photo FB_IMG_1427501137762_zpshscqocoz.jpg

me and my boss, the president director (this was taken before the crying part)

 photo IMG-20150328-WA0029_zps53dqphsy.jpg

the gift

 photo IMG_20150327_235524_zpsgzupeepm.jpg

 photo IMG-20150328-WA0054_zpsg1fiokys.jpg

 photo DSC_0424_zpsn5kzhwpc.jpg

 photo DSC_0423_zpsm25pwagl.jpg

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