Monday, April 13, 2015

Escape to Peucang Island Part 1

This vacation was actually happen quite a long time ago, but I haven't got a chance to post it. I actually wanted to post this because I miss being on the beach now. I really love going to the beach. 

On this trip, I went with a few of my friends, Ine, Amel, Fika and Rissa. We're actually going with some people, which is called an Open Trip held by TRH Adventure. We're going there with some strangers. It's fun meeting new people.And the beach was ah-mah-zing!

 photo G0581258_zpsxzjatvex.jpg

 photo IMG_8196_zpsd454vsjp.jpg

 photo IMG_8193_zpshrhd07oo.jpg

 photo IMG_8225_zpsksroitvv.jpg

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Carissa Zerlinda said...

Huaaaa I miss beach too.. Ayoo kita ke pantai lagi selaayyy.. Hohoho